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  • March 05 · Latest Post just in...
    4 by 4 Car Insurance
    When we purchase a vehicle we want to have it covered for the potential cost of an accident. We are also required by law to have a certain level covered before we can even drive it. One of the most-sought after vehicles to own is a 4×4. There is (...)
  • January 11 · Latest Post just in...
    What is Mortgage Life Cover
    There are many insurance policies available and many different terms you will hear when considering your insurance needs. How can you tell if mortgage life cover is right for you? Unlike a private mortgage insurance, which would protect you in case y (...)
  • December 14 · Latest Post just in...
    Should Claims Management Companies and Insurers be barred from being an ABS ?
    As I am Managing Partner of a specialist firm of personal injury solicitors, the title alone of this post may make me appear to be a bitter personal injury lawyer, but honestly, that’s not really the case. I’m all for a level playing field and co (...)
  • October 31 · Latest Post just in...
    No win no fee legal aid explained
    A ‘No Win, No Fee’ agreement between you and your solicitor is legally referred to as a ‘Conditional Fee Agreement’ or CFA. A CFA is an agreement in which you solicitor agrees to only be paid their fee is your claim is successful. If you lose (...)
  • October 28 · Latest Post just in...
    How to save money on your insurance premiums
    Insurance is one of those things that should be simple but end up taking hours of your time to get right. The concept is simple: you pay a monthly or yearly premium and in return, insurers offer you coverage on the terms agreed upon. When you need to (...)
  • October 28 · Latest Post just in...
    A guide to insuring your property
    As a homeowner, having the right level of insurance to protect you from unforeseen circumstances is always important. There are many different types of insurance you can get for your property, which often causes much confusion for homeowners. If you (...)
  • October 03 · Latest Post just in...
    Can I make an insurance claim if someone assaults me?
    Assault can be the most traumatic event you can experience in your life. Cherished possessions can be taken from you, and the physical and emotional damage can take weeks, months or even years to overcome. While compensation will never put right all (...)
  • August 15 · Latest Post just in...
    Advice for landlords: Five things to remember when renting out a property
    With the housing market in crisis, more homeowners are letting out properties they cannot sell. This has led to a number of “accidental landlords” that fail to understand their responsibilities and duties. If this situation sounds familiar, it’ (...)
  • July 31 · Latest Post just in...
    Flood Insurance – why you need to use a specialist insurance provider
    Flooding can cause untold devastation to your property and the contents contained within. Unfortunately flooding has been on the rise in the UK for the last few years and doesn’t look to slow down anytime soon. Because of this, a lot of people are (...)
  • July 31 · Latest Post just in...
    Does your home suffer from subsidence?
    Many homes do suffer from subsidence and if you’re having difficulty purchasing insurance get in touch with experienced online brokers who have many years in the business and know just what their clients require. They have insurance partners who sp (...)