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Home insurance premiums increase in high-risk flood areas

 Remember Noah? Yeah, he didn’t have insurance. Protecting your home against an Act of God doesn’t require a degree in woodwork, but is as simple as taking out a home insurance policy and maintaining your home to prevent damage, say This is especially important for homes built below the 50- and 100-year flood lines. According to Dawie Buys at the South African Insurance Association, certain homes in certain areas of SA are more at risk of flooding during the heavy rains forecast for March and April.

 “All houses built near rivers, dams and low lying areas surrounding these are more at risk, as are all houses built below the various flood lines commonly referred to as the 50- and 100- year flood lines,” says Buys. But rapid environmental changes may put even those homes built above the flood lines at risk. “As the frequency cycle of floods are changing rapidly (as seen recently along the Vaal and Orange rivers), [the flood lines] may no longer be an acceptable measurement, compelling insurers to reevaluate their exposures in these areas.”

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Cheap ski insurance and winter travel

Before you start your search for cheap ski insurance, you may wish to spend a couple of minutes having a think about what it is you are actually looking for.

You may decide to look for cover that can help you continue with your ski holiday even if things do go wrong or in the worst case, help you get home.

For example:

  • ski equipment and clothing may be very expensive items and if these are lost or stolen, and replacing them or hiring replacements, may add significantly to the cost of your holiday;
  • skiing can also be a fairly dangerous activity and broken limbs may not be all that uncommon – emergency medical treatment and repatriation may be required;
  • arriving at your ski resort and discovering that there’s no snow may be the stuff of nightmares for the skiing enthusiast and getting financial assistance towards being able to go to where the snow is, may provide much needed peace of mind.

You may consider a winter sports travel insurance policy, which can provide you with these features, to be cheap ski insurance though others, with different requirements, may not.

What is cheap ski cover for you may not be cheap for someone else – it is a very personal thing.

Winter travel may also be more problematic than at other times of the year, so having winter sports travel insurance that can offer compensation for delayed flights may be high on your list of insurance ‘must haves’.

There may be many terms that come to mind when describing a skiing holiday but these may be unlikely to include ‘cheap’. Ski insurance may help ensure that you do not end up out of pocket.

Boats Insurance for Beginners

Are you planning to buy your own boat? Then you have come to the right place. You already know the advantages of owning your own boat. You and your family get to enjoy the pleasure of sailing without having to worry about a thing. However in this article we will not be discussing on how you can have fun with your own boat, this you will discover on your own. We are gone discuss on something most important thing- protecting your investment. You need to buy yourself a good insurance in order to get the financial coverage on your investment. There are varieties of boats insurance available in the market. You need to know basics of these policies in order to buy the best one which suits your needs.

The most important boats insurance is the physical damage policy, this policy provides the financial coverage in case your boat is damaged. With eh ever increasing traffic in water the chances of your boa getting damaged is very high. This is where this policy kicks in. this policy covers if your boat is damaged due to an accident or due to acts of vandalism. Along with this policy you need to consider buying fire accident policy. As the name indicates this policy provides coverage if your boat is damaged due to fire accident. This way you can make sure that your oat is completely protected from any damages.

Now coming to protection of yourself. If you do not have any idea about what I am talking about, then imagine a situation where your boat is involved in an accident resulting in damage of another person’s boat or any other property. If there is any injury to other people due to this accident then you can be sure that you will be sued for a huge amount of money. In order to protect yourself from this type of situation you need to consider buying third party liability policy. This is a special type of boats insurance policy which protects the boat owners in conditions mentioned above.

The next thing all boat owners need to know is where to buy good boat insurance policy. The best place where one can buy a good policy is the internet. There are many website which deals with various types of boats insurance policies. Owners can log on to these sites and provide the needed data, they will be directed to the list of policies and they can choose the best policy.

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What Travel Insurance Covers and What it Doesn’t

 When signing up for travel insurance, most people don’t bother to check the small print on which situations are covered and which are not. We are so excited to leave on vacation that we just don’t look. However, the circumstances in which you will or won’t be covered should be looked into more carefully before venturing off to your destination. What is Covered Trip cancellations are the number one reason that vacationers are reimbursed under travel insurance. The insurance pays for costs that are non-refundable – plane tickets, hotel costs, and tour costs, for example.

Cancellations are covered for reasons of illness, home fire, job loss, or the death of a relative. Travel insurance also provides medical coverage while you are on your trip. Being sick or having an accident in another country can be frightening, especially without medical coverage; most health insurance doesn’t function in other countries. Travel insurance can give you up to one million dollars worth of medical emergency coverage, but this depends on which company you use.

If illness or accident does happen to interrupt your trip, travel insurance also provides coverage for the unused days on your trip and pays for expenses to get you back home. Lost baggage is the bane of any travelling experience. Show up at your destination and discovering that your luggage doesn’t come around the conveyor is the stuff of nightmares. Travel insurance covers lost, damaged, and stolen baggage up to the policy limit, which is usually between $500 and $2000, allowing you to replace items or buy substitutes so you can still enjoy your trip.

What Travel Insurance Doesn’t Cover While most policies do cover terrorism, it is common for travel insurance to not cover civil unrest and acts of war. If your plans change for these reasons, most travel insurance policies won’t cover your costs. Cancelled tours are not covered. This doesn’t mean when something is canceled by you – tours that are cancelled by the tour providers themselves fall under this category. If you have a health problem caused by a pre-existing condition, your treatment likely will not be covered by your travel insurance.

Commonly excluded issues include:

 • pregnancy complications and childbirth • psychological illness • any illness requiring medical attention before signing up for insurance • any illness requiring medical attention before trip is underway

Injuries resulting from extreme and adventure sports usually aren’t covered, either. Read your travel insurance documents carefully. Pet illness and death are not covered. Though many people have beloved pets who are part of the family, and most pet-owners would choose not to go on a trip if their pet was ill, travel insurance won’t cover cancellation for this reason. This includes service animals for people with disabilities. This unfair exclusion may change in the future, but for now, it is still in place.

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Will Health Insurance Cover My Varicose Veins?

For many of us, having varicose veins can be an unsightly and embarrassing problem, and for others it can even lead to complications and pain. When you speak to your doctor about your varicose veins there is a good chance that you will have a long wait to be seen by a specialist and even longer if you want the veins removed or diminished. If you have health insurance, you may be able to use it to have your varicose veins treated more quickly.

Varicose veins occur when blood doesn’t flow properly from the superficial veins in the outer parts of your legs to the main veins deep in your legs. This leads to blood pooling in the area and thickened veins which can bulge on the surface of the skin. Usually there is little pain involved, but sometimes the area can be warm or a throbbing pain can be experienced. Three in 10 people will experience varicose veins in their lifetime and women are more commonly affected.

There are several types of varicose veins treatment options and each will depend on the type of vein it is, the severity and the outcome required. Most people simply want the vein removed so that the appearance of their skin is improved.

Varicose veins surgery

This will remove the superficial veins via the use of a wire, which is passed into the vein while you are under general anaesthetic.


This involves the injection of a chemical into the vein which causes it to close. It can be done under local anaesthetic and you will need to wear compression stockings for a while afterwards.

Endovenous laser treatment

A laser is passed inside your vein and heats the inside of it. This will cause the vein to close; this requires a general anaesthetic. Sometimes external laser therapy can be used on small varicose veins.

Radiofrequency ablation

Here, a high frequency electrical current is placed close to the wall of the vein causing it to close. Again, you will need to be asleep for this procedure.


A fine tube is passed into the vein, the end of which is heated which seals the wall of the vein. This is usually performed when you are asleep. This treatment has been approved by NICE and is often accepted by insurance companies, but is not yet available on the NHS.

While the NHS does offer most of these treatments, it may difficult to get them done if the veins cause you no symptoms other than the way they look. You could expect to pay anything up to £3,500 if you have varicose veins on both legs, without the help of an insurance policy.

While it is true that most insurance policies will not pay out for purely cosmetic procedures, the fact that varicose veins can cause some discomfort may mean you will be able to take advantage of your policy.

Having varicose veins doesn’t have to mean a future of wearing trousers and thick tights; you can get your life and your legs back.