A genuine accident claims company?

If you have been injured in an incident caused by someone’s negligence you may be looking for professional help to pursue your claim for compensation. How might you be sure, however, that you are about to contact an accident claims company who know what they are doing?

Why the uncertainty?

  • The reason for the question – and not a little potential concern – is because of the existence of so-called “claims farmers”.
  • These are companies whose advertising may give every impression of their being able to pursue such a claim on your behalf, but who simply sell on the details of your case to a solicitor in return for a fee which may, in turn, be deducted from any compensation you eventually win.
  • What indicators might help to point you in the direction of a claims company comprising professionally qualified solicitors?


  • In order to engage in professional practice, such firms are authorised and regulated by the guardians of professional standards, the Solicitors Regulation Authority.
  • The website, stationery or advertising of such firms typically makes very clear that the company is so authorised and regulated.
  • In the particular case of personal injury solicitors, you might also look for accreditation by a specific professional body, the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers.
  • The company’s accreditation by this body, which is likely to be made clear in its publicity material, may help reassure you that its solicitors have achieved certain minimum levels of experience and competence in the handling of personal injury claims.
  • Properly authorised and accredited firms of personal injury lawyers typically make very clear any scale of fees you are likely to encounter for their services. It is not uncommon for their services in this field to be offered on a “no win, no fee” basis.
  • A “no win, no fee” agreement means that you pay no fees in the event of winning your claim (since these are typically paid by the liable party) and that even if the claim fails, you still pay no fee


  • You should expect a professionally staffed claims company to pay special attention to the assessment of your claim and the prospect of its being successful.
  • Evidence for this is demonstrated by the care with which the full details, circumstances and background to the accident are taken.
  • You may have more comfort and reassurance by being able to discuss these directly with the solicitor who is going to be handling your claim on your behalf.
  • Such attention to detail and concern for you as the injured victim of an accident are factors likely to set apart the genuine company from a third party service.