Can a small business still offer health insurance to employees?

When a small business is in operation it really needs to get some kind of insurance to cover itself for any kind of liability. Some companies though will want to take out small business health insurance so that the employer and the staff are all adequately covered. In fact, for those taking up employment with this company, this is the added incentive that they probably need.

Small business health insurance holds a form of security for the company since it will cover any losses if the employee cannot work. There are several types of this kind of insurance though so these should be compared to see which one fits the bill.

Privately medical insurance will pay for treatment that needs to be done in a hurry. It is all very well waiting for the NHS but the company could suffer as a consequence with its workers being off for long periods just waiting for a small procedure to be done. This one does cost more, but it is well worth it in the end and the employee appreciates it very much too.

There is also a cover for income which pays the workers when they are unable to work. If they get ill or suffer an injury, many workers will need their regular wage for sure and this is how to give it to them without penalizing the company.

Critical illness cover is also available, and if this is combined with a life insurance policy, the employee is covered from all sides. Again, this is an expensive cover, but considering that a business is only as good as its workers, then it may be wise to get this kind of insurance.

Some covers, like employer’s liability insurance, are useful but not absolutely necessary. This holds true if the employee is a family member. However, limited companies do not need this cover if there is just one employee and that person owns fifty percent or more of the shares in said company.

So the answer to the opening question about offering cover, the answer is yes, as long as the company is prepared to spend money!

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