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Commercial Mortgage Comparison Website Launches

This month sees the launch of a brand new informative comparison website called Commercial Mortgage Link. By completing one form online, it enables its UK visitors to quickly and easily look for commercial mortgage products offered by numerous lenders.

A significant benefit to people going onto the website is that it compares such mortgages from the “whole of market” rather than just focusing on one particular lender. This provides the customer with the opportunity to get the best deal available at that time.

With so many offers coming to market and changing on a regular basis, it is important that visitors have access to the most up to date ones. In this respect, specialist commercial mortgage advisers monitor such schemes and ensure the website has the most current ones available.

Some of the key benefits of the website are:
•There are over 50 plus commercial lenders to compare from.
•There are in excess of 2,300 commercial mortgage products compared.
•Interest rates start from as little as 1%.
•Commercial mortgages range from £30k to over £30 million.
•A loan to valuation of up to 85%.

Website designer, Steven Disloggi made the following comment about the tailor-made engine that runs the website “It really is a great system, its geared up to connect the customer with the best possible lender or broker who can offer the most suitable products. It gives the client access to over 2,300 products to ensure they have access to the best deals available.”

Specialist advisers

An interesting benefit of the website is that it provides either a local rate or freephone number so if you do require any advice one of Commercial Mortgage Link’s specialist advisers is available to speak to without any obligation or charge. Another feature is that it has a blog that contains some extremely informative articles to read.

For more information or contact detailds visit their website at

4 by 4 Car Insurance

When we purchase a vehicle we want to have it covered for the potential cost of an accident. We are also required by law to have a certain level covered before we can even drive it. One of the most-sought after vehicles to own is a 4×4. There is a real need to insure a 4×4 to protect yourself, however you may need a special form of automotive insurance called 4×4 Insurance.

There are many reasons why you would want to insure your 4×4, being as it is an expensive investment. If you are finding it difficult to finance your policy then have a look at this site for a solution. Other than being required by law, insurance is needed to protect you and others. This is called liability coverage. If you have liability coverage the repairs for your vehicle and the medical expenses of any person you hit would be covered. Most of the times we take out loans to buy these new vehicles so we really do need them insured so we can have repairs covered.

A good policy can give you many extra additions such as roadside assistance and reimbursement in the event of theft. Some policies will even help you find a new replacement 4×4 if yours is destroyed in an accident.

Accidents are a fact of life, and they happen. The best plan is to make sure you are covered for anything that may happen. No-one wants to be in an accident and when we have one, sometimes legal fees can be astronomical. Some insurance policies can pay for all this in the event of an accident and even cover a part of or if not all of your settlement fees in or out of court. This is in some cases provided that the accident is not your fault to begin with.

Since 4×4 insurance is not a private insurance you are free to search out the one that works for you. This means you can shop for competitive price quotes that won’t break your wallet!

What is Mortgage Life Cover

There are many insurance policies available and many different terms you will hear when considering your insurance needs. How can you tell if mortgage life cover is right for you? Unlike a private mortgage insurance, which would protect you in case you couldn’t make a mortgage payment on time, mortgage life insurance is designed to protect the repayment of your mortgage. In other words if you died before the mortgage was paid, but were covered by mortgage life insurance, the policy would pay out a lump sum that would ensure the outstanding balance is paid in full.

There are two types of mortgage, repayment mortgage and interest only mortgage.

Repayment Mortgage
At the beginning of the policy the amount you need to pay will be calculated based on the length of the mortgage, the rate of repayment, and the sum that would be required to clear the balance in full. The longer you make payments the less your insurance would need to pay out in the even to death, and possibly terminal illness. The full cost of insurance will be equally divided over the life of the policy so that your premiums are the same for the duration of the policy. If you pay your mortgage in full and are still in good health you will not receive any payout. If you have accrued arrears by not making your mortgage repayments but then make a claim on your insurance it should be noted that the payout will not include any arrears you owe the bank. The payout will reflect the balance that should be owed assuming you did not default.

Interest Only Mortgage
As you are only repaying the interest on your mortgage you must make arrangements to pay the capital off at the end of the loan period. Cover for this type of mortgage is often referred to as Level Term Life Insurance. You can decide how long you need the cover for and if you make a claim against the policy during that time a set figure will be paid out, regardless of what is owed. It should be noted that whilst you can certainly take out a policy for the entire duration of your mortgage, say 25 years, you can also choose to take a shorter term if that would suit your financial circumstances better.

With either option you can obtain mortgage life cover through your loan provider usually, but it is considered good practice to speak to an independent financial advisor as there are other ways to ensure you can cover your mortgage obligations in case of death or terminal illness.

The insurance industry is currently undergoing quite an upheaval right now. The way in which premiums are being calculated is being amended to include gender equality. When your insurance provider is assessing your potential risk they cannot penalise you for being male or allow you a discount for being female. Typically this has been the case for several decades as women tend to live longer than men making them a much safer risk for insurance companies to cover.

There are also new regulations coming into play which will affect how cover is sold. New tax initiatives will see insurance companies handing over more in the way of tax and being required, by law, to provide a financial safety net to their clients in case the insurance company collapses.

All in all insurance, of any kind, is about to get much more expensive. Just how much more expensive remains to be seen , though estimates range between 20 to 30% ? The real question is, with something as important as your home at stake can you afford to not be insured?

Jacob Chapman is a columnist with experience in the financial field. You can read his articles aiming to help individuals get the right mortgage life insurance for their needs on . Or if you are interested in life assurance you can also visit .

Should Claims Management Companies and Insurers be barred from being an ABS ?

As I am Managing Partner of a specialist firm of personal injury solicitors, the title alone of this post may make me appear to be a bitter personal injury lawyer, but honestly, that’s not really the case. I’m all for a level playing field and competition is inherently a good thing in all aspects of life.

In many respects, lawyers have only themselves to blame as regards the fact that in many areas of law, we no longer call the shots.

In the personal injury sector, the warning signs started many years ago with Claims Direct. An ex-lawyer decided that, based on lawyers unwillingness to invest in marketing and/or the fact they were constrained on types of advertising, he would do the marketing for us, and would be kind enough to sell us all the leads he obtained for a hefty premium !

Too few lawyers recognised the clear signal from Claims Direct and acted accordingly. The threat did not just apply to personal injury but law generally and in fact, more injury lawyers started marketing than in other sectors of legal practice.

Post Claims Direct

Insurers realised they could make money from lawyers as well, so started selling claims and expecting hefty referral fees. Claims Management Companies were created by other entrepreneurs, realising that there is a funnel whereby in many cases, a vehicle accident repair company can gain the ear of an accident victim first. Once you have the ear of the person, you can then seek to act as a broker.

To that extent, whilst the rules on advertising were relaxed for lawyers, the Claims Management Companies were again ahead of the game, and many resorted to tactics such as data marketing and mass text messaging which were still, thankfully, unavailable to lawyers who wanted to stay lawyers.

So, as can be seen from the above, lawyers are partly responsible for the fact they do not control the market, except perhaps for the very niche area of clinical negligence claims, but partly, those who acts as brokers for claims have exploited the regulation of lawyers so that there has never been a level playing field.

Referral fees banned – lawyers free to compete with each other without outside interference

With referral fees now being banned from next year, on the face of it, this would give injury lawyers an opportunity, for the first time since Claims Direct, to invest in marketing on the basis of a more level playing field, competing only with each other ?

Unfortunately not   – the referral fee ban coincides with the new ABS system which enables non-lawyers to effectively buy and control law firms. So what happens next ? Insurers and claims management companies start buying law firms, using the financial muscle obtained by using methods unavailable to lawyers to outflank and outmuscle remaining independent law firms.

Frankly, I don’t think this is fair – I am all for a level playing field and competiotion in law, but the system is now stacked against lawyers.

If the root cause of the disquiet about personal injury is the sort of tactics utilised by marketing and selling in a way which discredits genuine lawyers, should it not be the case that the root of the problem, which is not generally law firms, are removed from the equation ?

What do you say ?

A genuine accident claims company?

If you have been injured in an incident caused by someone’s negligence you may be looking for professional help to pursue your claim for compensation. How might you be sure, however, that you are about to contact an accident claims company who know what they are doing?

Why the uncertainty?

  • The reason for the question – and not a little potential concern – is because of the existence of so-called “claims farmers”.
  • These are companies whose advertising may give every impression of their being able to pursue such a claim on your behalf, but who simply sell on the details of your case to a solicitor in return for a fee which may, in turn, be deducted from any compensation you eventually win.
  • What indicators might help to point you in the direction of a claims company comprising professionally qualified solicitors?


  • In order to engage in professional practice, such firms are authorised and regulated by the guardians of professional standards, the Solicitors Regulation Authority.
  • The website, stationery or advertising of such firms typically makes very clear that the company is so authorised and regulated.
  • In the particular case of personal injury solicitors, you might also look for accreditation by a specific professional body, the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers.
  • The company’s accreditation by this body, which is likely to be made clear in its publicity material, may help reassure you that its solicitors have achieved certain minimum levels of experience and competence in the handling of personal injury claims.
  • Properly authorised and accredited firms of personal injury lawyers typically make very clear any scale of fees you are likely to encounter for their services. It is not uncommon for their services in this field to be offered on a “no win, no fee” basis.
  • A “no win, no fee” agreement means that you pay no fees in the event of winning your claim (since these are typically paid by the liable party) and that even if the claim fails, you still pay no fee


  • You should expect a professionally staffed claims company to pay special attention to the assessment of your claim and the prospect of its being successful.
  • Evidence for this is demonstrated by the care with which the full details, circumstances and background to the accident are taken.
  • You may have more comfort and reassurance by being able to discuss these directly with the solicitor who is going to be handling your claim on your behalf.
  • Such attention to detail and concern for you as the injured victim of an accident are factors likely to set apart the genuine company from a third party service.

Classic car insurance Advice for reducing the cost of your premium

The harm caused by break-ins, theft, vandalism, or any other kind of damage goes much further than simple inconvenience, and financial loss or the loss of a no claims bonus on your classic car insurance policy. For us classic car owners, who have usually bought and lovingly fixed up their cars over months, often even years, loss of any kind amounts not only to money, but to time, love and emotional investment.

Because classic cars are easier break into than their newer counterparts, classic car owners are strongly advised to purchase a Thatcham-approved alarm, tracker and immobiliser. So if your car is broken into, the police will be able to retrieve a stolen vehicle often within 24 hours, which is particularly valuable in light of the fact that classic cars are often rapidly dismantled for parts to sell on separately and under the radar. And not only this, but fitting your car with these devices will reduce your insurance premium – you need only compare car insurance quotes online to see the savings, by using a service such an Moneysupermakret compare car insurance

One of the UK’s leading stolen vehicle recovery companies, TRACKER understands that a huge majority of classic car owners are adverse to the idea of tampering with the authenticity of their classic vehicle by equipping it with modern technology, worried that it might work to detract from the car’s bygone charm.

Stuart Chapman, of Tracker, reassured drivers: “Classic car owners are understandably cautious when it comes to installing alarm systems and immobilisers. Some devices are even unsightly, even on modern vehicles, so people feel they affect the look of the vehicle. Whilst that might be the case, the appeal of those vehicles for criminals makes it essential to protect them.”

If you’re happy that you’ve taken every step possible safeguard your car against danger, then there still more ways you can keep your car insurance cost to a minimum.

Ensuring that the estimated annual mileage is accurate will mean that you’re not over- or, more importantly, underinsuring. If you overestimate your mileage, your premium will be unnecessarily expensive, however, if you underestimate, you could render your policy invalid, which would be a disaster if you needed to claim for any reason.

Another way of reducing the cost of your insurance premium would be to get your classic car valued, and then get that value guaranteed. If the worst should happen and your car is written off, for example, you’ll be guaranteed to get the full value of the car which, as you’re likely to be aware of, usually increases with age when it comes to classics.

Budget van insurance: Being prepared doesn’t have to cost the earth

Insuring your van may appear to be a complex maze that you really don’t want to have to negotiate because of all the different options, but if you take some time to so a little research, you could find that you can reduce your costs and actually get some budget van insurance that suits you perfectly.

There are ways of immediately reducing costs by keeping what is insured to an absolute minimum, such as deciding to go for Third Party Only instead of Comprehensive cover, but before you choose this option, consider whether this is actually a false economy. TPO means you will not be able to claim for anything that happens to your van, only any other parties what are involved and could result in costing you a fortune.

Keeping who drives your van to a minimum will make sure that your costs are reduced, particularly if other drivers are young or inexperienced.

If you have the maximum no claims bonus, it may be worth spending a little more to protect it; this may seem like an odd thing to do if you are trying to reduce costs, but in the long term, it could save you quite a bit if you need to make a claim.

Opting for a higher voluntary excess can save you some money on your budget van insurance. The lower this figure is, the more premium you will have to pay. Obviously, you need to consider the overall benefits of this: if you need to make a claim will you be able to cover the excess. Things to take into consideration before deciding on this are the age of the van and whether it would be viable to get it repaired should the worst happen.

The size of your van will make a difference to the size of your premium; the bigger the van the more you will have to pay, so consider whether you really need a huge van or if your business could manage with a smaller one.

Basically, the key to getting good budget van insurance is to know what it is you are being asked to pay for and deciding whether you actually need it. For example, if your van is not your only vehicle, do you need to pay extra to get a courtesy vehicle?

Get the information on budget van insurance you deserve. Vision Commercial Insurance is the service with all of the answers you’re looking for.

Will Health Insurance Cover My Varicose Veins?

For many of us, having varicose veins can be an unsightly and embarrassing problem, and for others it can even lead to complications and pain. When you speak to your doctor about your varicose veins there is a good chance that you will have a long wait to be seen by a specialist and even longer if you want the veins removed or diminished. If you have health insurance, you may be able to use it to have your varicose veins treated more quickly.

Varicose veins occur when blood doesn’t flow properly from the superficial veins in the outer parts of your legs to the main veins deep in your legs. This leads to blood pooling in the area and thickened veins which can bulge on the surface of the skin. Usually there is little pain involved, but sometimes the area can be warm or a throbbing pain can be experienced. Three in 10 people will experience varicose veins in their lifetime and women are more commonly affected.

There are several types of varicose veins treatment options and each will depend on the type of vein it is, the severity and the outcome required. Most people simply want the vein removed so that the appearance of their skin is improved.

Varicose veins surgery

This will remove the superficial veins via the use of a wire, which is passed into the vein while you are under general anaesthetic.


This involves the injection of a chemical into the vein which causes it to close. It can be done under local anaesthetic and you will need to wear compression stockings for a while afterwards.

Endovenous laser treatment

A laser is passed inside your vein and heats the inside of it. This will cause the vein to close; this requires a general anaesthetic. Sometimes external laser therapy can be used on small varicose veins.

Radiofrequency ablation

Here, a high frequency electrical current is placed close to the wall of the vein causing it to close. Again, you will need to be asleep for this procedure.


A fine tube is passed into the vein, the end of which is heated which seals the wall of the vein. This is usually performed when you are asleep. This treatment has been approved by NICE and is often accepted by insurance companies, but is not yet available on the NHS.

While the NHS does offer most of these treatments, it may difficult to get them done if the veins cause you no symptoms other than the way they look. You could expect to pay anything up to £3,500 if you have varicose veins on both legs, without the help of an insurance policy.

While it is true that most insurance policies will not pay out for purely cosmetic procedures, the fact that varicose veins can cause some discomfort may mean you will be able to take advantage of your policy.

Having varicose veins doesn’t have to mean a future of wearing trousers and thick tights; you can get your life and your legs back.

The Way To Look For Arizona Homeowners Insurance Online

Nearly all Arizona inhabitants have an understanding that you need to obtain Homeowners Insurance. Now with this being understood you would think a greater number of people would possess Homeowners Insurance now a days. Those that are not using Phoenix, AZ homeowmners insurance are taking a huge risk. Since you can use so many ways to save money on insurance you can find no reason to not obtain proper insurance coverage.

The online world has surely changed the tactics of insurance buying. There is not any easier method then using the web to shop for insurance in Phoenix. Many sites happen to be made for the single reason of acquiring insurance rates for you to compare and contrast. Many of the options offered today are just amazing.

You are going to see immediately that most of these quote companies essentially use the same Homeowners Insurance quote acquiring techniques. They will gather all of your information and facts via a quick web form. The application info is going to be assigned to a handful of insurance companies available to give you quotes. This data is then structured into a quote specially for your scenario.

You are going to want to fill out each and every textbox that you possibly can. Supplying the Phoenix Homeowners Insurance agents with the data that they require to prepare an formal insurance quote will make the first estimate you obtain a lot more accurate. It is crucial that most of the Homeowners Insurance quotes are correct to ensure that you can actually do a comparison of the insurance quotes. There will be no good reason to be scared to let them have your social security number as they are going to want it to supply you with a real accurate insurance quote.

Always glimpse at the insurance coverage portion of the rates and never just the total price. A great deal of Homeowners Insurance agencies will decrease the insurance policy coverage to make the rate look more attractive. This will help you make an accurate Homeowners Insurance quote for your insurance plan. Browsing for insurance packages on the web is unquestionably the very best route for acquiring very good insurance quotes.

How To Remodel Your House In A Budget

House owners will always want to better their house no matter what budget they have. It is imperative that you are wise and practical when remodeling your house since we have a very unstable economy. Practicality and usefulness should be the operative words when you remodel your house. You can do a lot if you are going to be remodeling your house using a modest budget. You may even be surprised about the numerous options that you have for your house remodeling. Read on and learn about the various options that you have for your house remodeling in a budget.

Number one, get the laminate flooring if you fancy hardwoods. Hardwood is quite expensive. You can still have a hardwood style laminate if you want that vibe that only hardwood can give. It is very convenient to install as well. You will not have to worry about any growth in between hardwoods if you choose laminate flooring. But due to its popularity we do use it a lot in our kitchen remodeling San Diego company.

Number two, make sure that you choose refinishing instead of replacing. Your good quality cabinets and furniture will only need a little sprucing up like varnishing or a new coat of paint. This step can give your house a fresh look but will not cost you an arm and a leg. Your light fixtures can also be cleaned and refinished. Look for spare parts in stores to spruce up your chandeliers and lamps. You just need to tap into your creativity so that you do not have to spend so much. We provide certain information like this in our San Diego bathroom remodeling company.

Number three, make it a point to pick new furniture and appliances in neutral colors. This gives you so much options when redecorating or changing your color schemes. You will be paying less for neutral color appliance as compared to color customized appliances. You will be able to save a lot from this. Saving a few dollars here and there will add up as you know. This is another aspect of home remodeling that we disclose in our kitchen remodeling company.

You have just read some of the easy ways to remodel while in a budget. The huge budget is not something that you should have when you want to remodel your house. You just have to be smart about it and you will surprise yourself on how great looking your house turned out to be. Make sure that you tap into your creativity to help you with the remodeling.