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The Two Types of Boat Insurance in the UK

In the UK it’s compulsory to be covered by boat insurance, as well as being able to display evidence of the fact that you are insured; most of the time this will also be the minimum requirement in order to obtain an Inland Waterways License. But the good thing is that you don’t have to worry about having full and comprehensive insurance because there is a liability only option too. However, going to your yacht insurers and taking out the minimum insurance is not recommended as you can be left with a hefty price to pay should you be involved in a major accident.

Liability Only

This is the minimal amount of cover you need in order to be considered qualified to take to the waters in your boat in the UK. Liability only insurance protects everybody else against any accidents which may incur, and be proven to be your fault. This means that you will be covered against damage to other vessels, property, and other people, which includes minor injuries all the way to loss of life.

Liability insurance will not protect yourself, your own vessel, or your own property against damage by a third party though. And this is why it’s highly recommended that you don’t just settle for the minimum amount of insurance cover.

Comprehensive Boat Insurance

Most yacht insurers will always suggest taking out full and comprehensive insurance in order to protect yourself and your property against any damage sustained as a result of the actions of a third party.

• The industry standard of cover for damaging another individual’s property, self, or vessel, is set at £2 million. Comprehensive insurance will usually include this as standard.

• Fires can and do happen with boats, even while at sea, so protection against damage by fire is also included in comprehensive insurance.

• Boating thefts are becoming more and more common these days, and this is another reason why taking out comprehensive insurance is necessary because boats are expensive to replace.

• Accidental damage is also covered, as long as it’s not due to your own negligence. provides quotes from reputable yacht insurers.

Considerations for speedboat insurance

Boating is an attractive venture for many, and when you do it right you can gain more rewards from boating than almost anything else. It is important to consider insurance for your boat, and be aware that plans vary according to your potential use of the boat in question.

If you are planning to buy a speedboat, then the cost, being upwards of 6,000, and the nature of water activities means you need specialised speedboat insurance. The usual branded insurance companies will not cover boating and speed-boating in their policies, and instead you will need to research which companies are reliable and have a good reputation. Like other yachts and boats, all forms of cover handle accidental damage and vandalism. Transit cover makes sure you are covered while the boat is in transport, and theft cover protects your boat when it is in storage. Most providers will cover all of the mundane insurance aspects under their comprehensive cover, which includes damage and theft.

If you are using the boat for activities like water-skiing, boat racing, banana boating, or tubing or other forms of sport or leisure towing, then your insurance for speedboat policy will be different than that for standard use, so bear this in mind. You will need to declare your planned activities when you get quoted for insurance, and you will also need to check that the insurance plan is able to cover water activities.

If you are planning on commercial use of your boat, then you will need a speedboat insurance policy which covers public liability. Third party liability insurance cover is around 6 figures, and it is the requirement for marinas and harbours to have this insurance. As before, you should declare this when you get your insurance quote to ensure you get the cover. The majority of insurers in the UK will only give cover if the boat is registered in the UK. Many other factors will affect the quote, such as security systems in place to prevent theft, location of mooring, make and model of boat, the age of the boat, and any relevant boating qualifications that you have.

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Boats Insurance for Beginners

Are you planning to buy your own boat? Then you have come to the right place. You already know the advantages of owning your own boat. You and your family get to enjoy the pleasure of sailing without having to worry about a thing. However in this article we will not be discussing on how you can have fun with your own boat, this you will discover on your own. We are gone discuss on something most important thing- protecting your investment. You need to buy yourself a good insurance in order to get the financial coverage on your investment. There are varieties of boats insurance available in the market. You need to know basics of these policies in order to buy the best one which suits your needs.

The most important boats insurance is the physical damage policy, this policy provides the financial coverage in case your boat is damaged. With eh ever increasing traffic in water the chances of your boa getting damaged is very high. This is where this policy kicks in. this policy covers if your boat is damaged due to an accident or due to acts of vandalism. Along with this policy you need to consider buying fire accident policy. As the name indicates this policy provides coverage if your boat is damaged due to fire accident. This way you can make sure that your oat is completely protected from any damages.

Now coming to protection of yourself. If you do not have any idea about what I am talking about, then imagine a situation where your boat is involved in an accident resulting in damage of another person’s boat or any other property. If there is any injury to other people due to this accident then you can be sure that you will be sued for a huge amount of money. In order to protect yourself from this type of situation you need to consider buying third party liability policy. This is a special type of boats insurance policy which protects the boat owners in conditions mentioned above.

The next thing all boat owners need to know is where to buy good boat insurance policy. The best place where one can buy a good policy is the internet. There are many website which deals with various types of boats insurance policies. Owners can log on to these sites and provide the needed data, they will be directed to the list of policies and they can choose the best policy.

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How To Purchase House Boat Insurance

House boats as the name implies these boats are basically built for human dwelling. There are many varieties of house boats, some have inbuilt motor while some are not motorized as they are permanently anchored to the river banks some are exclusively used for leisure trips, as you might see in house boat rental services. Irrespective of the type these are exotic boats which have always attracted humans around the world. The most famous types of house boats are present in US, Canada, UK, India and In Holland. If you are planning to buy a house boat for your personal use or for rental services then you need to start thinking about house boat insurance. In this specific post I will be discussing how to get the best house boat insurance policy for your dream investment.

The first thing to do before buying any insurance policy is to sit down and make a list of things that you expect your policy to cover. this will enable you make your decision precisely. Once you have made the list of things your policy needs to cover then you can proceed to the phase of searching a good insurance provider. There are two ways one is to approach good insurance agent. He or she will be able to provide you with the complete information regarding various types of house boat insurance. Once you have the information you can start comparing various policies to know which one meets your demand and also suits your budget limit. the second way to search a good insurance provider is tot search online.

In modern day era, everything has been computerized. you can be rest assured that you will be getting the latest information when you are checking the Internet for various types of house boat insurance. You do not need to be a computer engineer to get a good insurance policy online all you need to know is how to use Internet. If you know this then everything else is a child’s play. There are literally hundreds of sites online. Log on to a site and start searching for various house insurance policies available in the market. One way to know if the site is genuine or not s to read the comments by various users. If the maximum comments are good then you can be sure that the site is genuine. Further more many companies have there very own websites where you  can search for the policy and also buy them online.

Angella Brown is an expert author on various interesting topics. To know more about the various policies why not compare houseboat insurance yourself, from a range of top providers. For more in-depth analysis of insurance feel free to visit us at boat-quote

Why There Is A Dead Wrong Concept Among People Regarding Boat Insurance

There are various types of boats, all are different, you can find from small wooden sailboats to large, luxury yachts. One factor always remains the same regardless of the type of watercraft you own. If you own a boat then you should purchase some kind of insurance for that boat. A boat insurance policy will financially protect you if anything happens to your vessel while taking it out on the water or while docked at the marina. Put time into finding out about different kinds of coverage and  getting  quotes for boat insurance from various companies prior to making a purchase and signing a contract.

Low coverage, moderate coverage and high coverage are provided by affordable boat insurance policies. there is no matter to fit your your boat cover needs you want to seek of that coverage policy There are a series of steps you should take when attaining boat insurance quotes in order to find the best policy. The first thing to do is go online and look up insurance providers in your area so you can begin to gather a lot of quotes for boat insurance.

Whether it is product or service , Pros and cons are associated with almost everything To make sure you have the best options possible at your disposal, definately get more than one quote to compare and get discount boat insurance. Creating a budget is essential when trying to purchase insurance for your watercraft. Everyone has an idea of how much they are willing to pay.

The whole point of this budget is that it gives you immediate information on the different companies and it shows which of their policies you can afford. This information can also be useful to know if you are looking for affordable health insurance. When getting quotes for boat insurance dont only inquire about the premium. Make sure you ask the insurance representitive to break down the coverage and let you know what each level of protection includes and what it will mean to you and your boat. Just follow these steps to get the best possible insurance for your beloved boat. You can then use the full details and knowledge about the boat insurance policy to make the best decision regarding your boat insurance cover.

Boat Insurance Quotes

Although it may not be the first thing to cross your mind when you purchase your new boat, insurance is often required if you want an inland waterways licence, or to gain access to many marinas and harbours across the UK, and if you are looking for financial protection in the event of an incident. It is strongly recommended that you seek a wide variety of boat insurance quotes before you take the plunge and purchase a policy.

Although boat insurance is not a legal requirement within the UK, it is still highly advised that you obtain an insurance policy to protect you from any financial loss if your boat was to become damaged anywhere on the water or in the harbour. Your vessel is at risk of damage from stormy conditions, theft and number of other things, but boat insurance is designed to protect you against these threats.

A boat insurance policy from the UK should cover you against any third party claims, for example if your boat was to cause damage to anyone else’s property. This cover is invaluable, but it is strongly recommended that you obtain a comprehensive policy. In addition, your insurance provider will often be able to offer additional cover such as legal and medical expenses cover. These may not be relevant to you, but if they are, you should seriously consider taking out any added extras.

It is important to carry out in depth research when looking for boat insurance quotes as you will need to be able to compare the price of policies against what the cover includes. It is important that you are accurate when valuing your vessel as you could end up in a difficult situation in the event of claim if you have not. The price of boat insurance will vary a great deal between providers so looking on price comparison sites can be particularly useful to establish your top competitors.

Boat insurance is not required by law in the UK, but as a responsible owner it is strongly advised that you seek adequate cover from a reputable insurance provider. In the event of an incident, without boat insurance, you will be liable to cover the costs personally. To avoid any financial difficulties in the future, start shopping around for great boat insurance quotes now.

Watercraft Insurance – How To Get The Best Boat Insurance Quote And Sail Peacefully

In some ways, boats are like people, too. They have names, they are special, they can vanish, and most of all, they are an asset because they have value. And because they have value, be it price value or a sentimental value, we are more likely to get an appropriate insurance for them. Not only are your concerns limited to the value of the boat, you are also all the more concerned about the people and the lives that are involved on it. When you are just new to the boating scene, you are more likely to get lost in your search for a good boat insurance quote.

The only problem with this is that depending on the insurance company you may be able to get a better overall price by buying separate policies for your car, home and boat. Progressive has built an entire ad campaign about how easy it is to get your car, motorcycle or home insured and that they will even give you the premium for the same coverage for up to three competitors and have recently added boats and personal water craft to their commercial base. 

Environmental damage is generally addressed by carriers in three different ways.

Firstly, total exclusion for the damage to the marine environment, secondly with a stated sub-limit ranging from $60,000 to $150,000 and finally a policy which is ‘silent’ to the coverage. Obviously the latter is the most generous as it doesn’t exclude or sub limit environmental damage, however if the insured yacht is based somewhere such as the more robust shores of England, it can be an unnecessary premium.

Possibly the most frequently argued claim in a carrier’s yacht portfolio is almost certainly mechanical breakdown. Although coverage for mechanical breakdown is by no means uncommon how it is adjusted varies widely. There is a thin line between wear and tear and the unforeseen mechanical breakdown. The latter being often being covered and the former more than likely not.

The best specialty boat insurers are Boat US, United Marine Underwriters and NBOA (National Boat Owner’s Association). NBOA offers a membership that includes towing, discounts from their Boat Equipment Store and industry leading advice from many marine experts and a discount over and above the excellent premiums they offer from many marine insurance companies. They offer the following kinds of insurance – Sea Ray Boat insurance, power boat insurance, sail boat insurance, personal water craft insurance, house boat insurance, race boat insurance, ski boat insurance, jet ski insurance, catamaran insurance, fishing boat insurance and more. 

So, how do you make sure you are not getting garbage for your boat insurance quote? You can start by knowing how much your boat is worth to you based on the age of the boat and the boat accessories that come along with it. You would also want to find out how much you are willing to pay for your insurance premium. It is also entirely up to you if you want to make your insurance coverage as wider as possible. So, get quoted now from different insurance companies, weigh things up, pick the right one, and sail on

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Why boating insurance is a good idea

The U.S. Coast Guard reported $43,670,424 in boating property damage in 2006 in addition to 3,474 injuries and 710 deaths within U.S. waters. ( Registered boat owners who did not own boat insurance at the time of these accidents could have been liable for the medical costs of the injured parties and property damage had the fault of the accident been proven to be theirs.

Why Boat Insurance is Useful:

Many expenses can be involved in boating accidents including but not limited to towing and clean up costs, damage repair of one’s own boat, company boat or another person’s boat, Boating and marine insurance is designed specifically for boating and/or open water related accidents and unforeseen damaging events. There are many different types of boating insurance that cover different types of boats, coverage levels, and liability insurance.

The coverage and protection a boating insurance policy provides may also include legal protection, stationary/parked boat protection, damage protection from accidents, natural hazards, insurance for accidents in international waters, and financial coverage of owners, occupants and other boaters.

Deductibles, fees and rates may differ between boat insurance providers and it may be a good idea to compare several boating insurance policies for quality, cost and coverage terms and conditions before making a choice.

Boating Insurance Providers:

Some organizations deal exclusively in boat insurance while others also sell auto, home and recreational vehicle insurance. There are unique advantages to each of the companies. For example, with an auto insurance provider one may obtain a multi-coverage discount if one also insures vehicles and a home through the company. In the case of the exclusive providers, the features of the boating policy may be enhanced and specialized. A few of the companies that deal specifically in boating insurance are listed as follows:

Specialized Boat Insurance Providers:

*National Boat Owners Association (NBOA)

*Boat U.S. Marine Insurance

*Global Marine Insurance Agency

There are many local, regional and international boat insurance providers and when one will be traveling across international waters it may be necessary to have extended insurance protection features. If one has a good relationship with an auto insurance provider, they may be able to provide added incentives that a stand alone policy may not provide.

How to Choose the Right Boating Insurance Policy:

Several considerations might be considered before deciding on the right type of boat insurance. Each different policy package may cost a different amount based on some of the following factors:

*Number of operators

*Months of operation

*Docked boat coverage

*Liability or full coverage

*Low or High deductible

*Commercial boat coverage

These factors are best left to the individual boat owner/operator to decide as each situation may be unique in terms of financing, usage and wishes of the insured. Talking with other boat owners, insurance agents and researching insurance providers thoroughly can aid in the boating insurance decision. If one has an expensive boat, the coverage level should ideally be higher.

To summarize, boating accidents occur just as automobile accidents occur. Whether it be damage from a capsized boat, collision or a passenger accident, boating insurance can save one years of debt, financial burden and worry. If one is a boater and does not have boating insurance, there is a risk of seriously damaging one’s financial holdings in the event of being sued for liability on property or person.

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