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Standard terms in a pub insurance policy

When looking at your pub insurance policy, you may be put off by the pages and pages of small print. Below is a short and succinct list of the most important points of any basic pub insurance policy. Of course there are some points which should be borne in mind before getting your insurance in order.

Here is the list of the standard terms for a pub insurance policy.

• None of those involved in the business (you, your directors and your partners) have had an insurance policy declined, terminated, had your premium increased nor suffered and other special conditions from any other insurer.

• None of those involved have ever been convicted of or charged (but not yet tried) with a breach of any health and safety legislation or any other criminal offence other than parking or speeding offences or offences which are spent under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974.

• No-one is awaiting an outstanding County Court Judgement (or the Scottish equivalent)

• No-one is subject to bankruptcy or insolvency orders, whether they are outstanding or discharged for less than 5 years

• The buildings are not Grade 1 Listed

• The roof of the building is built of incombustible materials

• The walls of the buildings are built solely of brick, stone, or concrete

• The buildings are heated only by low pressure hot water apparatus, or fixed gas or electrical appliances

• The building does not require any repair or refurbishment to make them secure or water tight and will be so maintained

• The buildings are in your sole occupation other than offices and private dwellings

• The level of security at your Premises meets your insurer’s minimum security requirements

• You trade from a single premises

• You have sole control over all doors and windows that accesses the premises used by your business

• There are no external Automated Teller Machines at the premises

If you are serving food in the pub, the insurance and indeed trade classification will be different to a standard pub’s insurance.

Pub insurance should always be purchased from an experienced provider such as Specialist Risks