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Keeping in Touch with Mobile Employees

Keeping in touch with employees who are on the move is incredibly important for the purposes of productivity. It’s also important for peace of mind and costs that come into play with mobile employees. There’s no point getting cheap business car insurance if the employee is wasting fuel by going off for a meal before returning to base.

Mobile Employees

Mobile employees are people who are on the move in some form of vehicle. They are most often used for deliveries when the company doesn’t want to invest in a courier service. But they also may just be people who advertise the company in various places. It could be as simple as handing out leaflets in the street or as grand as actually approaching other companies and meeting with them.

The Phone

The mobile phone is the key weapon for keeping in touch with employees to check what they are doing. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they should be being called every few minutes as that will just decrease morale out of pure annoyance. But it’s a good idea to ask them to call when they reached their destination. The individual will know how long it takes them roughly to get there so it’s a perfect way of making sure that they are carrying out their duties.

GPS Tracking

Many business cars now have a GPS tracking system attached to this. This shows the company where the car is at all times by sending the data back to base and then showing it on a map. This can be watched in real time and the route can be stored for later, so that means that it doesn’t require constant review. However, the only downside to this is that it’s expensive to implement and it will increase the value of the car, so getting cheap business car insurance might be a little harder.

Two-Way Radio

This is another way to do things as that means that money isn’t wasted on making constant calls or installing tracking systems. The only problem with this is the initial cost. To get a radio that will broadcast over a large distance requires quite a large initial investment. That’s why these are most effective over distances.

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Finding a discount with a taxi insurance company

If you are looking for cheap taxi insurance company quotes and private hire insurance, you need to find an insurance company that is prepared to give you the best incentives. With increased competition, insurance companies offer lower quotes and incentives to attract and retain customers. Unlike general motor insurance companies, the taxi insurance companies only have a relatively small pool of customers to maintain. One good offer from an insurance company in competition and some offices will have to close up shop. Most insurance companies are prepared to offer specialty products, which help to reduce premiums in return for loyal patrons.

Try to find a cheap taxi insurance company and private insurance quote rental that come with all-inclusive offers. These offers usually include additional coverage for your vehicle.

The incentives that may be included in the offers of insurance companies are:

Matching Insurance Quotes
Most insurance companies are willing to match the insurance quote given by their competitors by taxi. However, make sure you go through the terms and conditions before you make a final decision. Some insurance companies have exclusions in their policies to reduce their quote. So be sure that all coverage required are included in the policy.

No Claims Discounts
If you have not had any previous claims, then there is a good opportunity to get a discount. Some insurance companies offer as high as 50% off if you have had no claims in at least 4 years. Make sure you read the small print of the policy that you intend to leave.

Fleet Insurance
Multiple taxi owners are able to get cheap taxi insurance by switching to the insurance companies that offer fleet insurance. Insurance companies offer bigger discounts when you take enormous fleet insurance under one policy. If you take taxi insurance for each vehicle, it might be expensive. To get a discount with fleet insurance, make sure your drivers meeting the rules defined by the insurance companies, fleet insurance might otherwise be expensive.

First Year Discounts
If you start a new business, most insurance companies offer huge discounts in the first year. This will help management to save considerably in the year in which your capital expenditure is likely to be high.

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The lowdown on taxi insurance

If you run your own taxi business or you supply a taxi service as part of an enterprise, getting the right taxi insurance which is at the right price, and which offers you adequate and suitable protection against unforeseen circumstances, is very important. As for people who drive in general, there is always a level of risk in driving which needs to be covered by comprehensive or third party insurance. However, there are more risks involved with a taxi service, and this is reflected in the taxi insurance options available to you.

The internet is the best place to compare different plans, and when you look for a taxi insurance quote online, there are a few primary differences between insurance plans that you need to be aware of.

The first important options to decide between are private hire cover and public hire cover. If you drive a taxi which only responds to private call outs, then you can gain a taxi insurance quote online for private hire cover. Alternatively if you pick up people hailing in the street, or you do both this and private call outs, then you will need public hire cover. Due to the increased risk involved with public hire cover, these plans will be more expensive.

Similarly to general vehicle insurance, there are fully comprehensive taxi insurance plans, and third party and third party fire and theft, with the first protecting both you and the other driver should you get into an accident, having the car stolen and so on, the second protecting the other driver if the accident is your fault, and the third protecting others due to fire or due to damage and injury resulting from someone stealing your car and getting involved in a crash. Fully comprehensive is the most expensive and provides the best cover. Public liability cover is important to protect you legally from customers who are present when accidents happen.

There will be many things that will gently affect the pricing of your plan. Your area of work, and the type of taxi you drive will have an impact on your premium.

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Fleet insurance policies

Truck insurance is also known as Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) or Large Goods Vehicle (LGV) insurance. This type of insurance covers vehicles that carry weights above four tons. If the company has a large number of trucks, then it is prudent for it to take a fleet insurance policy. This type of policy is cheaper than taking an insurance policy for each vehicle. It is worth noting that a fleet insurance policy premium is dependent on the weight of the truck; heavier trucks have higher premiums than lighter ones.

In addition to that, this insurance policy is dependent on the coverage of the insurance policy, goods protection, and public liability among others. A comprehensive insuarance policy covers a lot of aspects of goods protection. However, it is prudent to choose an insurance policy that addresses individual business needs. Many insurance providers offer insurance policies with many additional features which are optional. Some of the three main additional features offered by insurance companies in the UK include legal expenses, glass and breakdown cover.

The legal expense cover meets legal costs while the glass cover provides coverage for windscreen damages. Thirdly, the breakdown cover meets expenses for breakdown services such as towing. The type of additional features in an insurance policy is dependent on the insurance provider, however, many insurance buyers seek ways through which they can reduce the amount of premium paid. It is worth noting that you can reduce the amounts of premiums paid for a fleet insurance policy in a number of ways:

For starters, you should ensure that your vehicles are driven safely. If you drive safely for one year, you will start begin to earn claim free bonuses which are reflected as no claim discounts in future years.

Secondly, conducting extensive searches on various insurance providers and their rates is very important. Through this, one is bound to get insurance providers with attractive rates.

Lastly, focus not only on the cost of the insurance policy but also on the terms and conditions. For example, if you have a reliable fleet with good drivers, you can increase the excess with a resulting offset of a reduction in premium paid.

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7 tips for renting to students

Renting your property to students is a potentially lucrative market. In University cities there is a constant stream of new tenants looking to rent which offers guaranteed income year after year for landlords. It isn’t without its potential hitches though. This will be the first time many of them have rented and, for many, the first time they have lived away from home, which can bring with it problems like property damage and non payment of rent. Here are seven tips to make it a little easier.

Make sure you are insured

When renting out any property it’s important that you have insurance for landlords in place. This will cover any potential damage or theft, and protect you if you fall out with your tenants; something much more common when renting to students.

Target the quality end of the student market budget range

Think about what they’ll be looking for in a property and try and add extra facilities or services which may attract a higher quality tenant and ensure you’re able to charge a higher rent.

Advertise through letting agents

Students are likely to thoroughly research everything about the area and if they were in halls of residence the previous year they’ll know it well already. They’ll probably know where they want to live, but will contact letting agents to view their properties. You don’t want to miss out on this.

Get a guarantor in place

Insist on an income earning guarantor being in place for all of your tenants. This is as close as you can get to guaranteeing you’ll receive the rent. As a minimum, for each guarantor you should ensure you obtain work and credit references.

Reduce accidents / wear & tear

It’s important to take the time to show your new tenants how to use all the appliances in the home correctly. As this is likely to be the first time they’ve lived away from home they may struggle with some of the appliances in the property. If you’ve employed a letting agent for the property, save yourself some time and add this to the list of services they’ll be providing.

Leave a welcome pack

Leaving a welcome pack containing all emergency procedures and telephone numbers will save you time and worry, as it will your tenants.

Carry out regular inspections

It’s important to carry out regular inspections to ensure your property is being properly looked after. You should do this at least every three months.

Truck Insurance Quote

Truck insurance is mandatory in order to conduct your business legally. As a truck owner you need to about various policies which are included in the term truck insurance. One should think about the vehicle policy, the cargo protection insurance, the third party liability policy. These insurance policies might actually become a huge burden on the truck owners. Therefore it is very essential that the owners get the cheapest quote on these policies. In this article I am gone write about how one can get the cheapest quote on these types of policy.

1. The first thing one needs to in order to get the cheapest quote on their vehicle policy is that they need to make sure that there vehicle is parked in a safe place. This will attract a lower quote on your vehicle insurance policy. The reason is that insurance providers feel safe providing the policy at a cheaper quote as the vehicle is located in a safer environment when not in use.

2. Secondly one can apply for discount if the driver for the truck has a clean driving record, this means the chances of accident due to negligence of driver is minimal meaning the insurance providers are ready to give a cheap quote on the policy.

3. Thirdly make sure your truck is in good working condition. This is the most essential thing, a good working vehicle always attracts cheaper quote.

4. When it comes to cargo policy make sure you choose the policy which is applicable for the cargo which you are transporting.

5. Lastly it is important to know where to buy the cheapest insurance quote. The best place to buy the cheapest insurance quote is buying it online. More about it is described below.

Buying truck insurance policy online is the best choice. There are several websites which provide you with the needed information about various truck insurance policies. All one needs to do is log into these websites and provide the needed information. Once the information is provided then the websites provides a list of policies which match the expectation of the truck owners. The owners then can read all the policies which they think fit their need. Furthermore searching policies online means you get to compare various truck insurance quotes provided by leading insurance providers. This will allow you to get the cheapest quote available in the market. Also many websites provide offers and discounts on various policies if they are purchased online.

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What Does Van Insurance Actually Cover?

In the UK, if you want to use your vehicle on a public road, you are legally required to have some form of basic vehicle insurance. If you own a van, you will require van-insurance. It is a legal requirement, simple as that! Insuring your van will also bring you, the owner, peace of mind as you will be able to rest assured in the knowledge that your van is protected.

If you own a van it is also more than likely that it will be an essential part of your day to day job. Therefore, it just makes sense to have it covered in the unfortunate event of it being damaged or stolen!

With commercial van insurance you are covered against a whole range of potential risks and dangers, and you can choose to insure your van in three different ways. You can choose third party cover which is the cheapest and will cover you for any damage caused to someone else’s vehicle or property, along with any injury you may cause to someone else if your van is involved in an accident. Third party insurance will not cover any damage, loss or theft of your van however.

Then there is third party, fire and theft insurance. This will give you the same cover as listed above for third party, however with fire and theft, you will also be covered for the cost of repairing or replacing your van if it is damaged by fire or if it is stolen.

Then there is the most inclusive cover you can possibly buy for your beloved van, and that is fully comprehensive cover. This level of cover includes third party, fire and theft van-insurance, and in addition you will be covered for any repairs that will need to be made to your van in the event of an accident. Some comprehensive insurance policies will also include extras. For example, some insurance policies will cover any personal belongings left in the van, along with a number of other added extras.

Choosing the type of cover for your van can be a tricky choice, however, if you want to ease your mind, and you are not too worried about the cost, then fully comprehensive cover is surely the best way to go, particularly if your van is your livelihood. Why skimp on costs when you can guarantee your van is protected against all unfortunate circumstances that may arise?

Commercial fleet insurance – Why You Need IT??

Are you looking for a single insurance for your entire vehicle? Are you tired of all the paper work? Then you have come to the right place. When it comes to number in the world of insurance then fleet insurance is the best policy for any vehicle owners. Before we go into detail of how to get cheap commercial fleet insurance let us discuss briefly about what is the meaning of commercial fleet insurance.

Fleet insurance as the name indicates is a special type of policy which is designed specifically for owners who own more than one vehicle under their name. This policy is also applicable for institutions, organizations which have vehicles registered to them. This policy mainly provides coverage to any number of vehicles owned by a single person or institution. In other words, this is a single policy for many vehicles. There are many reasons why this policy is the most favorite policy amongst multiple vehicle owners. The first and foremost is that single policy means less paper work, less head ache for the owners. Also when it come sot claiming the policy single policy helps the owner to claim the insurance without much worries.

Now many people tend to ask what this policy covers. This policy is very similar to comprehensive policy. TI provides all the needed coverage, however it is advisable that the vehicle owners do ask about the coverage from the insurance provider. Many companies provide limited coverage. So before buying make sure you have asked about this, in general this policy covers the theft and damage policy, the fire accident policy and some companies also provide third person liability policy. The next question which many ask is there a difference between commercial fleet insurance and normal fleet insurance. The answer is yes, a normal fleet insurance policy can be purchased by owners who own more than en vehicle and are using the choice for personal reasons. However commercial fleet insurance policy is mainly for people who use the vehicle for commercial purpose. For example vehicles used for courier, or vehicles used for transporting goods from one place to another. In these policies some companies also provide coverage to goods carried.

The best place to get a cheap quote on any type of commercial insurance policy is the internet. There are literally thousands of online shops which mainly deal with this type of policies. One can get huge discounts on any type of policy by buying the policy online.

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Fleet Insurance Coverage

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Fleet insurance is much the same as single vehicle insurance with the exception that the former tends to involve more types, levels and restrictions of cover than the latter.

Choosing fleet insurance coverage is undoubtedly important to firms with a certain number of vehicles, not least because opting for the most appropriate insurance polcy with the most competitive insurer can save significant amounts of money in the vast majority of cases.

One of the first factors to consider when choosing fleet insurance coverage is size – not the size or scope of the policy, but the size of the motor fleet to be insured. Insurance companies tend to offer different packages and deals to different sizes of business; whereas some insurers tend to favour relatively small fleets, others offer savings to larger firms. Thus, a company with more than 100 vehicles might save money by purchasing a policy with an insurance company that specialises in larger fleets.

Another consideration of fleet insurance is the type of cover itself. As with private motor policies, the majority of insurers offer three main types of cover: fully comprehensive, third party only and third party, fire and theft. Additional fleet insurance options include windscreen and breakdown cover, legal expenses and courtesy vehicles. The type of cover chosen may determine some of the restrictions applied to the policies; however, such restrictions are likely to be imposed anyway and vary significantly between insurers.

Restrictions tend to be based on the purpose for which fleet vehicles are to be used. The most basic categories of use include social, domestic and pleasure (SDP) and SDP and business. Other categories include the carriage of waste or hazardous goods, private hire, public hire and haulage. Each category of use is likely to be subject to certain restrictions, so it is always necessary to examine the small print before accepting a policy.

Certain types of vehicle may be excluded or restricted under a fleet insurance group policy. Most insurers, however, welcome a range of vehicles, including a mix of cars, minicabs and lorries. Firms can make substantial savings by covering all vehicles under a single fleet insurance policy; in fact, fleet insurance coverage can be purchased by non-commercial users with several vehicles (usually five or more).

As with all types of motor insurance, the premium of a fleet policy is based in part on the people who are expected to drive the insured`s vehicles. Obviously, it is not always possible for a firm to nominate every driver, so insurers usually ask for details of drivers by age. Young drivers – particularly those aged between 20 and 25 – fall into the highest bracket of motor insurance, while older drivers are viewed more favourably by insurers. Most insurance companies place upper and lower age limits on the drivers covered under a fleet policy.

Fleet insurance premiums are also affected by the security of vehicles. Insurance tends to be significantly less costly when firms ensure that vehicles are fitted with the latest alarms, locks and tracking devices, which can also be used to monitor fuel consumption and vehicle routes. Premiums can be kept to a minimum when firms lock up vehicles in secure compounds or private garages.

In summary, just about any type of vehicle can be included in a fleet insurance polcy. Some insurance companies only deal with certain types of business or vehicle; for example, specialist insurers might concentrate on fleets comprising HGVs, taxis or coaches. Many insurers, however, allow a mixture of vehicles, so the manager`s Mercedes can be insured alongside the company minicab and haulage fleet. Firms investing in vehicle tracking and enhanced security to lower insurance premiums might consider using a loans calculator for the most competitive rates.

Taxi insurance quote online

Finding a good taxi insurance quote can be frustrating. This is especially true if you are new to the world of taxi insurance. This article will give few pointers on how to find taxi insurance quote online. By using this pointers can definitely get a cheaper quote on any taxi insurance.
1. There are literally hundred of websites which deal with taxi insurance it is important that you choose a credible website. The easiest way to find a credible website is to go through reviews on forums and ranking blogs. In these place members keep updating information on various insurance websites. You will get a good idea as to which sites are credible and which are not.
2. The most important thing when it come sot choosing taxi insurance online is to know that if the deal is too good to believe then it might be right. This means if you think the price offered for a policy which promises everything is too cheap then the possibility of it being a trap to make people spend money for nothing is very high. So use your common sense when you plan to buy insurance online.
3. The best way to get a taxi insurance quote online is to log on to one of the credible sites. Once you have logged in provide the required information. This information should be provided accurately because based on this information a list of policies will be provided to you. So if you want insurance policy which meets your demands try to provide the information as accurately as possible.
4. Once you have the list of policy which suits your demand it is time for you start comparing the policy. This is the most interesting and the most critical part if you want to get the cheapest quote on your policy. A good website has a program which allows you to compare various policies. By comparing you will get to know the contrast, the pros and cons of every policy. This allows you to make a wise decision regarding the policy which suits your demand as well as comes well within your price limit. Furthermore comparing it online enables you to go through the result in one single page, this means you can see the money spent on the policy is it really worth or any other policy is better than the policy which you wanted to buy.
Angella Brown is an expert author on various interesting topics. To know more about the various policies why not compare taxi insurance quote online yourself, from a range of top providers. For more in-depth analysis of insurance feel free to visit us at Taxi Protection Insurance