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A-Z About Trucking Insurance

Are you unhappy with your truck insurance provider? Are you looking for a guide on how to buy decent truck insurance? Are you new to the world of truck insurance? If your answer to any of these questions is yes then you have come to the right place. In this article we will be discussing A-z about trucking insurance.
First thing one need to know about trucking insurance is that finding good truck insurance is not an impossible task, but it is certainly a hard task if you do not know how to approach it. So take your time to understand the basics of trucking insurance in order to get a good quote on your policy.
There are varieties of policies which come under the term trucking insurance. The most important one are the comprehensive policy, the third party liability policy, the goods or courier insurance policy and also the vehicle policy.
The comprehensive policy is the biggest and the best policy that one can currently buy in the market. It is one stop for all your insurance needs. It provides vehicle coverage, third party liability cover as well as goods cover. Make sure you read the contract, the terms and clauses because this is what determines how you can claim your policy.
The second type of policy which is the third party liability policy is specifically designed so that you are protected if your vehicle were to be involved in an accident resulting in damage of third party property or person. This policy covers the cost towards repair of the damage of the property or medical bills towards the treatment of the person. This is a mandatory policy for all truck owners.
The third type of policy is the goods or courier insurance policy. This policy provides the coverage for the goods that is being transported in the truck. If the goods are damaged during the transit period then this policy provides a complete coverage towards the reimbursement of the cost of the goods.
The last type of policy is the regular vehicle policy which provides coverage against the damage due to accident or fire. This is a mandatory policy if you plan to bring your truck not eh road.
The best place to get a decent quote on any type of truck insurance is the internet. You can log onto sites which deal with truck insurance and find yourself a policy which suits your need. All these websites provide a good discount on the premium amount if the policy is purchased from there website.
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Where to find van insurance?

One of the most commonly asked question amongst van owners is where to find good van insurance. In this post I will be writing on where one can find good van insurance and also on how they can reduce the cost of the premium amount that they need to pay towards the policy.

When it comes to insurance there are two ways to find out all about various policies that exist in the market. The first one is either for you to approach a qualified and licensed insurance broker or to do your own research and find them out online. Both of them have their added advantages and their fair share of disadvantage. The first method of finding an insurance broker is perhaps the oldest and the easiest method for inexperience people in the field of insurance. For a new van owner who does not have any idea about various policies that need to be brought in order to properly protect the vehicle approaching a good broker saves a lot of trouble. a good agents will be able to offer you a custom made policy which suit all your requirement and also comes well within your budget limits. However the disadvantage of using the services of the broker is that they might withhold some information voluntarily. For example if there was a cheaper policy which would offer the same protection and a policy which comes with a huge price tag then the brokers try to push the costlier policy because they get a huge cut from the policy provider. In order to avoid being scammed all you need to do is ask around your friends and family and also try to question in depth about various policies released by a particular company or form different companies. This way you might be able to dig out the information you need.

The second way of finding a good van insurance policy is start searching on the internet all by yourself. This is best suited for those who have certain basic idea about insurance policy. Using internet is a child’s play. All one needs to do is log on to the sites which deal with van insurance policy and provide the required data. Once this process is done they will proceed to a list of policies which match their requirements. The van owners can take their time and read through all the policies even the various clauses provided in a particular policy. They can select the policy which suits them the best once they have understood everything about the policy.

Angella Brown is an expert author on various interesting topics. To know more about the various policies why not compare find van insurance yourself, from a range of top providers. For more in-depth analysis of insurance feel free to visit us at Vision Commercial Insurance

Lorry insurance UK

If you operate in the industry of trucks and lorries, then you probably know that there are a lot of financial and legal implications involved when running such a business. In order to operate legally in UK and in order to have peace of mind, one should know that buying lorry insurance uk is an essential purchase. This type of insurance is designed to provide valuable protection for every lorry and their drivers. Knowing that the amount of time a lorry spends on the road is high and the risks of accidents happening is high as well, it only makes sense that one should properly be prepared for anything.

Depending on what type of business you operate, lorry insurance uk provides you with the option of choosing an individual insurance policy if you are a lone businessman, or if you operate with a fleet of lorries you can choose fleet insurance for lorries. Knowing whether you need an individual insurance policy or a fleet insurance policy is only the first step to finding the right type of lorry insurance uk.

You should always search for insurance companies that offer specific protection for lorries such as breakdown assistance, goods in transit coverage and even legal expenses. The best thing to do is to choose the most comprehensive type of coverage that you find as it will prove to be very wise in the future. Although comprehensive coverage might cost a bit more than basic coverage it is worth if you think of the huge losses you might incur if not insured. When it comes to lorry insurance uk it is best to look for companies that provide you with the option of tailoring the insurance policy yourself. This way you can add any specific risk that you feel you need coverage for into the policy. Try not to go for a fixed policy that doesn’t allow you to choose the coverage yourself as you might find yourself in the situation where you will not be provided with the financial coverage in certain situations.

In order to get the best quotes for lorry insurance uk, you should take the time to properly compare various insurance policies. You can best do so on the internet. You can find many price comparison sites online which will offer various options. For more benefits and discounts you should consider calling those companies in person as they will be more than happy to win an extra client.

Angella Brown is an expert author on various interesting topics. To know more about the various policies why not compare lorry insurance uk yourself, from a range of top providers. For more in-depth analysis of insurance feel free to visit us at Blue Angel Insurance

Van Insurance

As a van owner, it is extremely important that you have adequate insurance cover on your vehicle to protect you against the risks associated with owning a van. It can be a complicated business working out what you are legally required to obtain, and what van insurance cover you are advised to hold, so here is a simple summary to help you out.

If you use a van for business use, you must have van insurance. It’s that simple. It doesn’t matter whether the van in question is owned by you, or is a van supplied by the company you work for. If it is your own van, and you use it for business and personal use, this must be stated on your insurance certificate, and will mean your policy is a ‘Class One’ policy.

You will need to extend your policy to ‘Class Two’ cover if you require the van you own to be driven by other drivers on a business or commercial basis. Last but not least, ‘Class Three’ cover is legally required if the van used for commercial travelling. Each of the three levels of cover should provide you with a courtesy van whilst yours is being repaired to replaced, and offer third party cover for a trailer.

Other types of insurance to consider are Employers’ Liability insurance and Goods in Transit insurance. The first is designed to cover any compensation you may be required to pay out if your staff are injured or become ill at work. If you employ anyone, whether that be full-time, contract, part-time, casual, it is mandatory to hold this cover. Secondly, Goods in Transit insurance protects you against any damage, theft or loss of goods and materials being transported in your van. The policy usually covers you for business journeys and deliveries.

There are many policies available, each covering different aspects of the courier business, therefore if you require van insurance, it is highly likely that you are obligated to obtain other types of cover too. If you are ever in doubt about the cover you are legally required to hold, contact a reputable insurance broker to discuss your requirements,

Taxi Insurance UK

Taxi insurance UK is required if you drive a taxi or own a company using taxis for business, it is  designed to protect you, your vehicles, passengers and other road users. Similarly to standard car insurance, the cover is available in three different levels: comprehensive, third party only, and third party, fire & theft.

These insurance policies should not be treated as standard cover, each taxi driver will have different needs, with some companies requiring specialised policies. Many insurance brokers have left the tax market, and with few new companies joining, it can be difficult to get your hands on a cheap taxi insurance UK policy.

This has led to a decrease in affordable weekly schemes, and monthly arrangements as they no longer offer consumers the price savings that used to make them so attractive. Taxi insurance in the UK is offered on a variety of policies from public hire through to contract private hire.

Taxi insurance is dependent many factors, including your claims history, so you should expect to provide your insurance broker with a full claims history and criminal record in order to give you an accurate quote. Similar to standard car insurance quotes, it is likely that a driver with no claims over a longer period will be offered a cheaper annual premium. If you hand over the wrong information you are committing a crime, so it is important to be fully aware of your records before obtaining taxi insurance in the UK.

Whatever your needs and requirements, it is highly recommended to seek a tailored quote from a reputable insurance broker. It is always worthwhile looking around at different quotes online, and contacting each provider individually to see if you can lower your annual premium.

However, whatever the price of your annual premium, before you start your new business, or take up employment as a taxi driver, it is imperative that you ensure you are adequately covered by taxi insurance to avoid any legal penalties..

Truck Insurance

As a truck driver, truck insurance will be your number one priority. However, even though you know how important it is to obtain adequate cover, the daunting task of searching for the perfect policy is enough to put you off. It is always recommended to search for truck insurance online, it can save a lot of time and hassle, but phoning around companies individual can be beneficial if you’re one for bartering.

If you visit a price comparison website, your search for insurance will be made even easier with one single form to complete, rather than a form for every insurance provider. It is important that you compare several quotations for your truck insurance to ensure that you are receiving the right policy at the right price.

Whilst cheap truck insurance is highly desirable, it should always be your priority to ensure that you, your business, your employees and any stock or equipment is fully protected first. Similarly to standard car insurance policies, truck insurance is available at three levels: comprehensive; third party, fire & theft; and third party only. You will often find that the lower levels of covers are available at cheaper prices, but there is always a catch. These policies will not keep your business fully protected against any incident, but only cover you with what is legally required, and other basic levels of cover.

If you were to opt for a basic level of cover, it is vital that you are fully aware of what your policy will cover you for as you don’t want to be left to foot an unexpected bill. How would your business cope if you were to lose your truck due to being off the road waiting for repair, or if it was stolen? A comprehensive level of cover would be able to offer you the financial compensation required to pay for repairs, buy a new vehicle, or provide a replacement vehicle in the short term.

These are all important points to consider when purchasing truck insurance. For the best deal, why not visit price comparison websites to see which insurance provider can offer you the cheapest annual premium, with the most comprehensive cover?


Lorry Insurance

It is a legal requirement and the responsibility of any lorry driver, or owner of a business centring around lorry transportation, to obtain an adequate lorry insurance policy. When you spend a lot of time on UK roads, you are more susceptible to a road traffic accident, so it makes financial sense as well as ensuring that you or your employees are safe at work.

If you are caught without lorry insurance at the point of driving the vehicle, you could end up facing serious legal consequences, and a dent in your business’ reputation. Lorry insurance is the only way to protect your interests as a driver and business owner. If you were involved in an accident without adequate insurance, you would be personally responsible for paying the costs.

Just like standard car insurance, lorry insurance is available with different levels of cover. You are only required to obtain third party cover by law, but the importance of keeping your vehicle and business protected is so high that a more comprehensive level of cover is always advised. A comprehensive policy annual premium will be higher than third party cover, but it will be far less than if you were involved in a road traffic accident and were forced to cover the costs yourself.

As a lorry driver, it is likely that your livelihood will depend upon whatever you are transporting, and so it is always advised that you go the extra mile and consider additional cover such as Goods in Transit insurance or public liability insurance. These extra policies will increase your level of protection and keep you safe when working.

You should contact a reputable insurance provider when taking out lorry insurance as it is extremely specialised, and your policy should always be tailored to your specific requirements. An ‘off the shelf’ policy may be lacking in important areas which you might assume you are covered for, so it is recommended that you take great care when reading the terms of your policy.

Selecting a Type of Van Insurance

Van insurance is very important for the safety of your van. According to UK motoring laws, all vehicles should have an insurance policy. UK laws are strict, but after all they are good for saving you from heavy payments later on. Before buying any van insurance you should know the three main types of van insurance.

Comprehensive Van Insurance

This type of van insurance provides full insurance coverage to your vehicle. In other words, it covers damages, accidents, crashes, robbery, fire and destruction. Comprehensive van insurance also covers third party damages. A third party can be either an individual or a company. Moreover, this insurance also provides medical coverage to the owner and also the third party in the case of injuries. The only issue with this policy is that you have to pay too much as compared with other types of insurance policies. This is a high cost insurance policy only because it covers all the risks related to your vehicle.

Third Party Fire And Theft Van Insurance

This van insurance policy gives coverage from the risk of theft, harm, fire damage, disaster, lightning and blasts. However, this insurance does not cover your damages if an uninsured vehicle collides with your van. The benefit of this policy is that it covers most big risks and leaves only accident coverage. Furthermore, this van insurance is much cheaper when compared with comprehensive van insurance.

Third Party Van Insurance

This type of van insurance provides the least coverage to your van. Therefore, this is the cheapest and most affordable policy. This van insurance provides coverage for the damages inflicted upon a third party.

When you have a clear understanding about the types of van insurance, then you should focus on the selection of van insurance. Here are some guidelines which may help you in choosing the suitable van insurance for your vehicle.

The first point you should keep in mind while you are buying van insurance, is coverage. You should find out the right coverage for your van, for example comprehensive or third party. Second, you should also know the usage of your van; such as how long do you intend to keep your van. This information is to be given to the commercial van insurer. Third, there are a number of insurance companies which demand you to install some safety devices in your vehicle. You should know what those devices are, and how much they cost. Fourth, you should explore the benefits of a particular van insurance policy.

The basic aim of van insurance is to reduce the financial burden on you, which can arise in the case of damage/s. The cost of an insurance policy usually depends on the coverage that it provides to compensate risks. Therefore, always opt for an insurance coverage which is suitable according to your needs. Moreover, insurance companies provide additional features on different types of van insurance to attract more customers. Thus, before buying any van insurance policy go through the particular features an insurance company is offering you, and then look for the cheapest quotes.