Commercial fleet insurance – Why You Need IT??

Are you looking for a single insurance for your entire vehicle? Are you tired of all the paper work? Then you have come to the right place. When it comes to number in the world of insurance then fleet insurance is the best policy for any vehicle owners. Before we go into detail of how to get cheap commercial fleet insurance let us discuss briefly about what is the meaning of commercial fleet insurance.

Fleet insurance as the name indicates is a special type of policy which is designed specifically for owners who own more than one vehicle under their name. This policy is also applicable for institutions, organizations which have vehicles registered to them. This policy mainly provides coverage to any number of vehicles owned by a single person or institution. In other words, this is a single policy for many vehicles. There are many reasons why this policy is the most favorite policy amongst multiple vehicle owners. The first and foremost is that single policy means less paper work, less head ache for the owners. Also when it come sot claiming the policy single policy helps the owner to claim the insurance without much worries.

Now many people tend to ask what this policy covers. This policy is very similar to comprehensive policy. TI provides all the needed coverage, however it is advisable that the vehicle owners do ask about the coverage from the insurance provider. Many companies provide limited coverage. So before buying make sure you have asked about this, in general this policy covers the theft and damage policy, the fire accident policy and some companies also provide third person liability policy. The next question which many ask is there a difference between commercial fleet insurance and normal fleet insurance. The answer is yes, a normal fleet insurance policy can be purchased by owners who own more than en vehicle and are using the choice for personal reasons. However commercial fleet insurance policy is mainly for people who use the vehicle for commercial purpose. For example vehicles used for courier, or vehicles used for transporting goods from one place to another. In these policies some companies also provide coverage to goods carried.

The best place to get a cheap quote on any type of commercial insurance policy is the internet. There are literally thousands of online shops which mainly deal with this type of policies. One can get huge discounts on any type of policy by buying the policy online.

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