Commercial Mortgage Comparison Website Launches

This month sees the launch of a brand new informative comparison website called Commercial Mortgage Link. By completing one form online, it enables its UK visitors to quickly and easily look for commercial mortgage products offered by numerous lenders.

A significant benefit to people going onto the website is that it compares such mortgages from the “whole of market” rather than just focusing on one particular lender. This provides the customer with the opportunity to get the best deal available at that time.

With so many offers coming to market and changing on a regular basis, it is important that visitors have access to the most up to date ones. In this respect, specialist commercial mortgage advisers monitor such schemes and ensure the website has the most current ones available.

Some of the key benefits of the website are:
•There are over 50 plus commercial lenders to compare from.
•There are in excess of 2,300 commercial mortgage products compared.
•Interest rates start from as little as 1%.
•Commercial mortgages range from £30k to over £30 million.
•A loan to valuation of up to 85%.

Website designer, Steven Disloggi made the following comment about the tailor-made engine that runs the website “It really is a great system, its geared up to connect the customer with the best possible lender or broker who can offer the most suitable products. It gives the client access to over 2,300 products to ensure they have access to the best deals available.”

Specialist advisers

An interesting benefit of the website is that it provides either a local rate or freephone number so if you do require any advice one of Commercial Mortgage Link’s specialist advisers is available to speak to without any obligation or charge. Another feature is that it has a blog that contains some extremely informative articles to read.

For more information or contact detailds visit their website at