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WebCrimson Feature list

We've bootstrapped WebCrimson over the course of several years of website consulting, so we've had to make our software awfully flexible and powerful for dozens of clients.

Right now, we're building a wide array of wizards to make it easy to get started:

  • - This lets you create and host a free weblog
  • - This lets you create and host a free webzine

More wizards are on the way!

Hosting Support

  • Free hosting at or
  • Full FTP support to publish to any outside static site
  • FTP activity log, with a complete record of all FTP updates


  • Easy tag-based templating language
  • Full support for XSLT templating standard, for power users
  • Unlimited number of custom templates per website
  • Support for multiple templates to draw off the same data

Basic Workflow

  • Built in Approval Queue, allowing Administrators to approve each update
  • Approval Queue controls, so Administrators can turn off approvals and updates can flow directly to site


  • Complete Permissions system, with five levels of access built in
  • An unlimited number of authors possible per website


  • Rich text editing, with point-and-click formatting in the browser
  • For users with FTP access, can upload and view images right in the browser

Weblog Support

  • Weblog wizard at allows easy set up of weblogs
  • Full support for permalinks
  • Full archiving support
    • Can generate archives weekly, monthly, or yearly
  • Point-and-click formatting of date headers and time-date stamps
  • Ability to edit time and date stamp of any weblog post

Information Architecture

  • Full support for category directories, with unlimited levels of nesting
  • Each Data Entry can be classified into categories


  • Creation of fully customizable XML feeds
  • Support for all flavors of RSS feeds
  • Support for generating javascript feeds of your data, which can be pulled into other websites

Advanced Features

  • Fully extensible using XSLT, enabling such features as:
    • Individual posts can call different formatting templates, using a simple pulldown
    • Unlimited control of time-date formats
    • Ability to embed Archive Indices on any page without using Server Side Includes
    • Ability to rotate content using javascript on static pages
  • Supports multiple types of data, including:
    • Weblogs
    • Essays and Articles (WebZines)
    • Templated Pages
    • Press Releases
    • News Links
    • Book Reviews
Check It Out
Webcrimson v2.0 is here!

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