Home insurance premiums increase in high-risk flood areas

 Remember Noah? Yeah, he didn’t have insurance. Protecting your home against an Act of God doesn’t require a degree in woodwork, but is as simple as taking out a home insurance policy and maintaining your home to prevent damage, say Insurance.co.za. This is especially important for homes built below the 50- and 100-year flood lines. According to Dawie Buys at the South African Insurance Association, certain homes in certain areas of SA are more at risk of flooding during the heavy rains forecast for March and April.

 “All houses built near rivers, dams and low lying areas surrounding these are more at risk, as are all houses built below the various flood lines commonly referred to as the 50- and 100- year flood lines,” says Buys. But rapid environmental changes may put even those homes built above the flood lines at risk. “As the frequency cycle of floods are changing rapidly (as seen recently along the Vaal and Orange rivers), [the flood lines] may no longer be an acceptable measurement, compelling insurers to reevaluate their exposures in these areas.”

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