Keeping in Touch with Mobile Employees

Keeping in touch with employees who are on the move is incredibly important for the purposes of productivity. It’s also important for peace of mind and costs that come into play with mobile employees. There’s no point getting cheap business car insurance if the employee is wasting fuel by going off for a meal before returning to base.

Mobile Employees

Mobile employees are people who are on the move in some form of vehicle. They are most often used for deliveries when the company doesn’t want to invest in a courier service. But they also may just be people who advertise the company in various places. It could be as simple as handing out leaflets in the street or as grand as actually approaching other companies and meeting with them.

The Phone

The mobile phone is the key weapon for keeping in touch with employees to check what they are doing. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they should be being called every few minutes as that will just decrease morale out of pure annoyance. But it’s a good idea to ask them to call when they reached their destination. The individual will know how long it takes them roughly to get there so it’s a perfect way of making sure that they are carrying out their duties.

GPS Tracking

Many business cars now have a GPS tracking system attached to this. This shows the company where the car is at all times by sending the data back to base and then showing it on a map. This can be watched in real time and the route can be stored for later, so that means that it doesn’t require constant review. However, the only downside to this is that it’s expensive to implement and it will increase the value of the car, so getting cheap business car insurance might be a little harder.

Two-Way Radio

This is another way to do things as that means that money isn’t wasted on making constant calls or installing tracking systems. The only problem with this is the initial cost. To get a radio that will broadcast over a large distance requires quite a large initial investment. That’s why these are most effective over distances.

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