Laptop insurance – things to take into account

Selecting appropriate laptop insurance is not necessarily an easy task.

Here are a few pointers that may help:

  • the excess – this is a sum of money that you may need to contribute towards the cost of any future claims and some laptop cover providers may set larger amounts than others;
  • replacement – the theft or destruction of your laptop may cause major disruption to your personal and professional lives but some gadget insurance providers may be able to minimise this by offering to replace it within 48 hours of claim approval;
  • overseas protection – if you plan to take your laptop abroad with you (for business or pleasure reasons) then you may do so with more peace of mind if you know that your laptop cover includes provision for use outside of the UK;
  • liquid damage – given how easily liquid may be spilled over your laptop (etc), it might be advisable to seek laptop cover that does not exclude damage caused by liquids;
  • theft protection for unaccompanied circumstances – some policies may have a strict condition that the theft of your laptop will not be covered if you left it unattended, by contrast, other policies may be rather more flexible and cover these situations, providing your laptop was securely locked away at the time the theft occurred;
  • accidental damage/destruction – this is not something that all laptop insurance policies will cover but it might prove to be important to you (though policies may typically exclude damage due to certain causes, such as your attempts to modify the laptop).