Living the Life of a Taxi Driver

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The life of a taxi driver can indeed be testing. Working all hours of the day, far beyond the normal 9-5 most days, can be draining, especially if you are by nature, a friendly, outgoing character, as most taxi drivers seem to be, by the end of the day you can really feel the strain of driving around all day doing the best to make every customers experience a pleasant one. Engaging in conversation with each and every customer can be tiresome, yet most taxi drivers manage it as they want to add a personal touch to each journey.

In some of the biggest and best cities in the world, namely London and New York, our taxi drivers have built a reputation of being polite, courteous, friendly, and very welcoming. It is a testament to them that they have built, and sustained, such a reputation.

However, in order to maintain this reputation, each and every taxi driver must ensure they are able to still get out there and perform their role as well as they always have. By insuring their taxi with a suitable taxi-insurance-policy, they will be protected against a number of unfortunate circumstances that can befall them.

As aforementioned, being a taxi driver can be tiring work. Working late shifts, driving around at the dead of night, can be monotonous and so it is extremely important make sure you are wide awake at all times. Driving can be hazardous when you are feeling sleepy, and without wanting to sound too much like the governments health and safety adverts, it is important to pull over and grab a coffee if you are feeling the strain of a long day and all you want to do is nod off! Do not let nodding off be the last thing you do!

Health and safety lecture over, it is also vital that you protect your taxi. In the event of an unfortunate accident there are added insurance extras that can protect you so that you will be provided with a replacement vehicle whilst your taxi is being fixed. You wouldn’t want one accident to ruin your weekly income by putting you out of work, bills still need paying after all.

There are several forms of private hire insurance you can purchase, such as third party, third party fire and theft, and fully comprehensive cover. It is important to think about such things like the value of your vehicle, the level of security it has and any other risks that you may want to cover. Added extras are normally only included with fully comprehensive cover, so if you need extras, then investigate with the insurer about what level of cover you desire and require.

Hunt around for the best deal also, and make sure you find the right cover for your taxi!