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Privacy Policy

WebCrimson is committed to protecting the privacy of all its users

Any personal information that we collect is used solely to help you access, use and maintain your own personal WebCrimson Services account.

What personal information does WebCrimson collect?

During registration WebCrimson requests that you provide a working email address and (if you are purchasing a WebCrimson Service Plan) valid billing information (e.g. credit card or bank account information for ACH transactions).

You may volunteer additional personal information at other times, such as creating a Public Profile (to help your team members stay in contact with you) or updating your Personal Account Information. Any additional personal information that you submit to WebCrimson will be protected under the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy.

Who else collects personal information from me?

Any personal information that you volunteer on or its affiliated sites (e.g. any URL at one of the following top-level domains:,, is collected by WebCrimson alone, unless specifically noted otherwise.

When you sign up for any program or service provided by a vendor promoted on WebCrimson, you are submitting your personal information to that vendor. Any personal information you volunteer to that vendor is subject to the terms and conditions of that vendor's privacy policy.

How does WebCrimson use my personal information?

WebCrimson uses your email address to confirm your account, let you sign into your account, and contact you in case of any problems with your account. Periodically, WebCrimson will also forward you information about the WebCrimson Services, which may include information and offers from affiliated vendors and any updates that could affect your WebCrimson Account.

WebCrimson does not share any personally identifiable information with any other company or organization.

What can I do to protect my WebCrimson account?

Be careful to keep your WebCrimson username and password secret! Anyone who knows your username and password can sign in to your WebCrimson account.

If you are using a shared computer to access your WebCrimson account, remember to sign out of WebCrimson before you leave that computer. If you forget to sign out, the next person who uses that shared computer may have access to your WebCrimson account.

To minimize the risk of other people accessing your private WebCrimson account, we suggest you sign out of WebCrimson before you leave any computer that you use, even a personal one. For your protection, WebCrimson will automatically sign you out of your account after two hours of inactivity.

What does WebCrimson do to protect my private and personal information

WebCrimson has built a secure infrastructure to safeguard your private information. We will continue to do everything we can to maintain and improve the security of our network. After all, we use WebCrimson ourselves to update and maintain this site! Every WebCrimson employee is also an active WebCrimson member. And we all understand the importance of maintaining a secure system for our private and personal information.

No data transmission over the Internet, however, can be guaranteed to be 100% secure. Although WebCrimson pledges to put forth its best efforts to protect your private information, WebCrimson cannot ensure or warrant the security of any information you transmit to or from our online products or services, and you do so at your own risk. For further information on this subject, please see our WebCrimson Service Agreement.

Is there anything else I should know about privacy issues?

We will do everything in our power to maintain your privacy and online security. Strong privacy and security, however, requires effort from both WebCrimson and its users. Please be sure to follow the advice listed above for protecting your WebCrimson account. The best way to protect your privacy is to protect your password; change your password often, and keep it secret, even from WebCrimson employees.

WebCrimson employees will never ask you for your password!

For more information or questions regarding privacy, please contact us at

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