Proper Car Washing, Polishing And Waxing From The Experts

 It is amazing the quantity of people that have no idea how to properly clean or polish and wax their cars. Many individuals use products that were never intended for their car yet others use products and equipment that will only help properly trained professionals. Some never even wax or clean their cars. They wonder why their car is given a very low trade in figure on the dealer, or why their paint is dull and flaking.

 When it comes to this article we interviewed numerous professional automotive detailers and other alike professionals. We asked them what products they used and for tips that consumers might use. They pretty much came back with similar advice:

 Properly clean the vehicle: This is very important as the use of harsh, non-automotive products can harm your cars finish making it wear quicker. Spray the vehicle first and get it wet. Make use of the water to spray off dirt as well as other contaminates which will scratch your car or truck if you immediately begin to use a sponge and water first. Also don’t clean your vehicle in the sun on a hot day. Do make sure you utilize warm water as it works best to loosen contaminates. After getting the car wet, work with an automotive carwash solution and increase water inside a bucket. Stick to the directions on the bottle. Then wash the car. You will find it simpler if you use an extended handled wash brush (most auto parts stores have these). Be sure to wash and rinse in sections therefore the car wash soap doesn’t dry before being washed off. Then using terry cloth towels or chamois, dry the car off. Expert tip: use a squeegee. It is much faster and easier.

 Remove stubborn contaminants: There will be dirt, bugs, tar, etc… which will be left after washing. There are many products that are made specifically for removing these things you’re your paint and car. The resounding answer from the experts was Meguiar’s bug and tar cleaner. Remove all of the contaminants and keep to the directions (some products can remove paint otherwise used correctly). Expert tip: 3M and other manufacturers produce a plastic shield which can be applied over aspects of your car’s paint like bumpers and behind the tires to safeguard from contaminants and rock chips.

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