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Car Insurance Discounts You Don’t Want To Miss

Looking for cheap auto insurance quote online but did you know that you can take your savings even further?

Use these five strategies to assist you in retrieving the best auto insurance quotes online:

Will make it easier on your wallet, reduce your monthly car insurance premiums and the quality of coverage will still be the same. Discounts will increase as you use each of the following strategies below.

1st Strategy for Low Auto Insurance Costs

Vehicle Equipment:

  •     Driver Air Bags & Passenger Air Bags
  •     Anti-Locking Brakes: During heavy, quick braking these types of brakes will prevent the vehicle from sliding (usually newer vehicles have this as standard brakes)
  •     Car Alarm: Protect your car with a car alarm or if you have one that is already equipped you can ask your auto insurance company if they have additional discounts for cars equipped with an anti-theft device

Low Auto Insurance Premium Strategy #2

    Driving Record History: No Accidents for 5 years+: Ready for major savings on your car insurance premiums? You will be classified as a ‘low risk driver’

    Seat Belts: Are you big on wearing seat belts and making sure your passengers wear their seat belts all the time? Good because your car insurance company will reduce your car insurance premiums for doing just that!

Car insurance companies love safe drivers! If you have a spotless driving record you may end up qualifying for accident forgiveness if you get into an vehicle accident in the future

Low Auto Insurance Premium Strategy #3

    A Simple Driver’s Education Course: All you have to do is take one driver’s education class and get a discount from your auto insurer. Simple as that. The discount applies to your monthly premium so you save every month for the life of your policy with the insurer

    Defensive Driving Discount: Depending on the state you reside in you may be able to take a course on defensive driving and receive a discount just for taking that course

    Full Time Student Good Student Discount: Research has shown that good students are good drivers and their car insurance premiums are reduced because of that. They look for a “B” Average in the young drivers grades

Low Auto Insurance Premium Strategy #4

If you happen to be affiliated with a specific association / organization such as:

Accounting, School Alumni, Attorney, Credit Unions, Education / Teaching, Engineering, Federal, Financial, Medical, Military, Professional Development, Scientific, Student Organizations, Technical, etc.

Check with the insurer as they may offer some deep discounts depending on your affiliation.

Strategy #5 On Finding Low Auto Insurance Premiums

Compare Car Insurance Rates: When you compare auto insurance rates from several reputable auto insurers you FORCE them to compete for your business.

In order to compete with other competitors on the insurance quotes comparison sites auto insurance companies must present lower auto insurance premiums that what they would quote on their site otherwise they will lose business.

Ultimately one of the best ways to get discounted, cheap auto insurance.

Searching for that instant auto insurance premium quote?

Compare insurance quotes car now and you will be able to implement each one of the above car insurance quote online strategies in the application.

Just a little extra work and time can help people save hundreds of dollars over their auto insurance annually.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance – Full Coverage Is Essential

Insurance is a sensible acquisition in any circumstances, be it for home or property, personal life or vehicles. An insurance policy will help you out financially if some form of problem occurs relating to the entity or entities that is/are covered in the policy. Commercial vehicle insurance can come in three main forms, just like personal vehicle insurance. You can have third party insurance, third-party fire and theft insurance cover, or you could have a fully comprehensive insurance policy. Some insurance companies will specify only fully comprehensive cover is available for vehicles over a certain value.

What is vital to the financial security of your business, is having all vehicles that your company operates with, covered by a legitimate vehicle insurance policy or policies. The main reason for this is that it is a requirement of the law in many countries, and not having proper insurance cover would mean a very large fine and possibly harsher penalties if an accident were to occur. The other reason is because if an accident happened, and one or more vehicles were involved, or, possibly one or more people are injured, your company would be liable for all costs covering repairs or replacement of vehicles, plus any personal injury claims resulting from the accident. One more advantage to commercial vehicle insurance cover is that because they are business expenses, insurance cover, fuel, and vehicle maintenance are all tax deductible.

Obviously, as previously stated, it is important to have cover for a vehicle in the event of an accident or theft involving the vehicle; but another addition to the policy could include the contents of the vehicle. If your company owns goods transport vehicles like vans and trucks, whether they are articulated or non-articulated, and those vehicles are being used to transport yours, or your clients goods, then it is imperative that you safeguard your company from financial loss by including cover in your policy to protect you against damage.

With your commercial vehicle insurance, you need to be aware of all the terms and conditions of the contract. Some contracts could include stipulations such as minimum driver age, minimum driver experience, required licenses, or possibly even whether the driver has his or hew own personal vehicle insurance cover. If any one of the terms and conditions are breeched, then you will not be covered, and, not only will your insurance company not pay you a penny in the event of an accident, but you will be operating illegally.

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Basic Limits Of Liability Insurance

The most basic type of insurance that a person can get is liability insurance. In most states you are required to have insurance to be able to drive legally on the road. Liability insurance is the most inexpensive type of insurance that will allow you to drive legally. Liability insurance only covers other vehicles and persons in those vehicles if you are in a car accident.

The minimal amount of car insurance that is offered by a company is usually referred to as the basic limits of liability. While the minimal amount varies from company to company it usually is $25,000/$50,000. This means that the damage done to the third party’s property and bodily harm will be covered up to these limits. In some cases there is a company that offers only property damage. If you happen to choose this coverage then you will be responsible for any bodily harm.

If you want to car insurance cover your vehicle as well as the others you can choose a different type of insurance known as full coverage. If you have an expensive car or you want extra coverage in case something does happen, you can get a full coverage plan. Even though they are more expensive they may be a better solution depending on your situation. Plans can range from as little as $25,000 in coverage up to millions.

By choosing higher limits you will protect yourself from being sued or having to pay what your insurance doesn’t. While many accidents are covered by basic limits, more serious accidents can leave you paying the difference. So if you only have $25,000 coverage and the accident totals $50,000 you’re stuck paying the rest.

As you may expect the price for your premium will go up with the higher coverage plans. However there are some other factors that can increase the price of your plans as well. If you’re a young driver, have a bad driving record, or a sports car you are likely to pay higher premiums. Likewise if you’re the parent of someone who has one of these three items and he or she is on your plan you can expect to pay higher rates as well. You should also remember that the medical coverage is always the larger number and is usually double the amount of the property damage coverage due to medical bills being so expensive.

Driving without insurance is risky and illegal in some states. It’s best to have even the basic limits of liability to protect yourself. If you have a newer car then you will want to have better coverage. In most cases you will want to have collision and comprehensive insurance to protect your car in the event of an accident, theft, or bad weather.

Whether you have an older car or a car that’s 2 days old, it’s important that you choose the right type of insurance for your vehicle. If you don’t know what type of coverage you should get for your vehicle then you should consult an insurance agent.