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Your questions on the best bike insurance for classic bikes

The subject of the best bike insurance for classic bikes sometimes generates a number of questions, including those below.

When does a bike become classic?

There may be no universally accepted definition and different insurance providers (plus bikers) may have very different views on the subject.

As a broad guideline, you may find that age is a big factor for typical insurance providers with some working to definitions along the lines of saying that any bike made before (e.g.) 1990 is by definition a classic bike.

Note that if the bike has been significantly modified over time, some insurance providers may no longer consider that it meets the criteria for acceptance as a classic machine.

What is the advantage of having the best classic bike insurance?

Those insurance providers who offer specialist cover in this area may be able to offer you a more cost-attractive policy than those who do not.

Some of these companies may adopt the position that it is unlikely that you will be using a classic bike to the same extent as you would a more modern everyday machine.

This is why they may be able to offer attractive prices.

These providers may also offer other more specialist policies, so may be able to provide you with a convicted biker insurance quote for example or cover targeted at female riders or biker who are either younger or older than average;

Would this insurance cover exhibitions and demonstrations etc?

It would be necessary to check the specifics of your policy detail to answer the question with any degree of certainty.

It may not be unusual to find, however, that any form of motorcycle insurance policy may well exclude the use of your bike for hire or reward unless you have taken out appropriate additional cover.

Is this the cheapest motorcycle insurance for classic bikes?

As stated above, if you have a classic bike, then a specialist policy may typically offer you a cost-effective solution.  Yet what you consider to be the best or cheapest, taking into account the cover provided, may not be the same as somebody else.

In the final analysis, only you will be able to decide what is the best bike insurance for you.