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Would you benefit from a classic bike insurance quote?

Here are a few points that you may find useful, relating to a classic bike insurance quote:

  • both bikers and insurers, typically struggle to achieve any common agreement between them as to what constitutes a classic bike – it is therefore advisable to look closely at an individual policy’s definition;
  • having said that, you may find that insurers typically regard bikes above a certain minimum age to meet their definition of classic;
  • the reason this is important and why there is such a thing as a classic bike insurance quote, is because insurers may presume that you may typically wish to ride a classic bike less frequently than you might in the case of a more everyday machine – that may imply lower annual mileages and that in turn may reduce their risk assessment (thereby also possibly your premium);
  • of course, saying you have a classic bike may mean different things to different people not only in terms of the age qualification but also potentially in terms of value – some classic bikes may be not only older but also rare and of extremely high value and if that is the case, your insurer may require you to take additional security measures;
  • motorcycle insurance quotes for classic bikes may not cover your use of them at displays, fairs or exhibitions, particularly where that involves payment through fees or attendance allowances etc – it may be worth checking that point specifically with your motorcycle insurance provider before setting off;
  • some biker policies may place some restrictions upon where you may park your bike when not in use – that may include overnight but possibly in some cases also during the day and you may find that on-street unsupervised parking is not covered;
  • remember that if you customise or significantly enhance your bike after you obtain your classic bike insurance quote and subsequent policy, this will need to be notified to your insurer so that they may consider any insurance implications arising – if you wish to keep your insurance premiums down, heavy customisation of your motorcycle may be something worth thinking twice about.