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Convicted driver insurance: can you get it?

If you have one or more convictions for motoring offences, you might be dreading the point in your motor insurance proposal when you’re asked to declare them. Did you know, however, that there is purpose-designed convicted driver insurance, which might help you avoid the risk of your application being rejected or your being penalised with crippling premium rates?

Specialists in their field

Convicted driver insurance is typically sold by specialists in finding competitively priced cover for drivers with a range of motoring convictions. Their experience and expertise might help you by:

  • knowing the market sufficiently well to identify insurers who take account of the type of conviction you might have and the period for which that affects your driving licence;
  • an ability thoroughly to search the motor insurance market (so that you don’t have to do it yourself), to suggest the most attractive and competitive rates being offered;
  • not discriminating against the convicted motorist.

Specialists in this field may typically also use their extensive knowledge of the motor insurance market to arrange other forms of insurance benefiting from specialist knowledge – such as driving instructor insurance, for example.

The stigma of conviction

Perhaps your current motor insurer – along with many others – argues that you represent a higher insurance risk because your previous driving convictions suggest that you are more likely to be the subject of further convictions in the future. This may well be the reason your present insurer declines to renew your cover or imposes a severe penalty by way of significantly higher premiums.

Specialists who arrange convicted driver insurance, on the other hand typically approach your application with no such prejudice or stigma, but with a completely open mind and intent only in finding the most suitable and most competitively priced motor insurance that reflects your needs and circumstances.