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Reducing your motorbike insurance premiums

If, like many bikers, you are looking to keep down the cost of your motorbike insurance premiums, you might find the following thoughts useful:

  • there may be no substitute for shopping around, so do not panic and take the first motorcycle insurance quote you see, simply so you can get your hunt for insurance over and done with as fast as possible;
  • if you wish to find some of the more economic motorcycle insurance policies, you may have to accept the bitter pill that it may be necessary to ride some of the more economic motorcycles around also – remember that big meaty machines may command big meaty motorbike insurance premiums;
  • try to park your bike somewhere other than the street when it is not in use overnight – making the effort to put it on your drive or in your garage may bring down your insurance costs;
  • you may find it difficult to locate an insurer who really regards bikers with an unfortunate history of road traffic convictions as being just the same as anyone else (though there may be special convicted biker policies available) – so ride your machine cautiously and try to avoid picking up license points;
  • although some bikers enjoy tinkering with their bikes and maintaining them to the highest standards, try to avoid radical customisation of your motorcycle, as it is something that typically worries insurers and may result in you paying more for your cover;
  • if you have a more expensive machine you may be able to see some interesting reductions in the cost of your insurance if you fit additional security devices including things such as trackers etc;
  • if you are fortunate enough to have a rare or very expensive machine (including some classic bikes) you may be able to reduce your classic motorbike insurance cost if you show that not only is it garaged overnight but that you also have protected with alarm and fire prevention systems.