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The best female bike insurance and other specialist categories

Sometimes the most appropriate insurance may prove to be that which is tailored specifically to the nature of your bike and its use.  Policies exist to support specialist categories of biker and may provide things such as the best female bike insurance as well as:

  • convicted biker insurance.  Of course, convictions and penalty points will not have any impact at all on your premium if you keep a clean licence, however, being realistic that may not always be the case.  If you do have convictions and penalty points, you may find that specialist policies may be able to assist you to keep the damage to your wallet to a minimum;
  • multi bike insurance policies.  Having a number of bikes may sometimes appear to be a mixed blessing when you consider both the total cost of your motorcycle insurance quotes plus the administration of needing to deal with multiple policies and possibly multiple insurance providers.  If so, you may benefit from looking for multi bike insurance policies – a solution that may possibly save you both time and money;
  • classic bike protection.  The way you use your classic bike may be significantly different to the way you or another biker would use a modern everyday machine.  Notably, you may ride it rather less, leading to reduced annual mileages.  Some policies may use this in order to offer you cost-effective solutions;
  • scooter and moped policies.  You may benefit from not being considered as indistinguishable from the rider of a superbike and that is why some insurance providers may be able to offer cover tailored to your needs;
  • older rider cover.  You may be able to find a motorcycle insurance policy covering you if you are seventy plus years of age – something that may not always be the case through all insurance providers;
  • younger rider policies.  Some bikers at the opposite end of the age range may have similar difficulties in obtaining cover.  Fortunately, there are policies that may cover you at sixteen years of age providing you have a CBT pass certificate;
  • high premium policies. Even if you are looking for the best female bike insurance, you may also have a very expensive insurance premium depending upon your bike and situation.  It may be worth also looking at those policies specifically tailored for people paying very high premiums for one reason or another;
  • the best policies. When thinking about the best female bike insurance or any other such policy, remember that what is best for you may not be the best for someone else.  It is typically a good idea to look at a number of policies and compare them in order to find one that is suitable for you.

What is female bike insurance?

Female bike insurance is one of a range of specialised lines of insurance that may prove to be advantageous in certain situations:

  • female bike insurance may offer policies that have been specially constructed around the realisation that women may be statistically less likely to have road traffic accidents than men;
  • you may also find other examples, including things such as convicted biker insurance – this provides cover for motorcyclists with penalty points on their licence and its primary objective may be to reduce the financial impact on your premium that such points may bring;
  • of course, providing cheap motorcycle insurance is not the only objective of such specialist lines, for example, multi-bike insurance policies may bring with them cost advantages to bikers who own several machines but they may also provide significant convenience advantages by allowing a single point of contact for all insurance issues relating to the collection;
  • classic bike cover may be another such example – if you have a machine that meets the insurance provider’s definition of a classic motorcycle (e.g. manufactured before 1990 etc) then you may be able to obtain a more cost-effective solution, as such providers may realise that you may be unlikely to be using your bike as extensively as you would a more modern machine;
  • if you are a motorcyclist at either end of the classic age range (say sixteen or seventy plus) then you may find it tricky to obtain motorcycle insurance through some providers but fortunately, some others may offer what they call older/younger motorcycle cover;
  • sometimes people riding scooters or mopeds may be overlooked by some providers but in fact, they are motorcyclists like any other – that is why those insurance providers who are able to offer scooter/moped cover may be interesting to people in those categories (for example, such policies may take cognisance of the fact that such riders may be unlikely to be doing excessively high speeds);
  • if you find that you are paying exceptionally high insurance premiums (perhaps over £1000 per annum) you may be interested in the fact that there may be special high premium policies available from some companies, who will do what they can to try and ease the financial burden on your pocket;
  • so, female bike insurance is only a single example of specialised lines of cover and they may be worth investigating further if you are looking for all the help you can get with your motorcycle insurance.