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Why Sports Cars Cost A Lot Of To Insure



Have you ever wondered why sports cars cost a lot of to insure than other types of automotive – even when the acquisition value of the sports automotive is less costly?  If so, the subsequent are the main reasons why this can be the case.


Automotive Insurance Group Categories


Whereas many of the factors that determine the build-from car insurance quotes don’t seem to be known, what is known is that insurance firms ‘cluster’ certain varieties of cars into categories.  For this functions, insurance firms have teams ranging from one through to 20.  Cluster 1 is the least expensive sort of automobile to insure.  Group 20 is the most expensive sort of car to insure.  Therefore, if you get a Fiat Panda, you’ll be classed a Cluster one automobile driver.  Purchase a sports car, any sports car, and you’re wanting at being classed a Group 15 and higher than driver.  Buy a performance sports car, such as a Porsche 911, and you’ll undoubtedly be Group 20 driver!




Over 2 million car crimes happen within the UK each and every year.  Apart from well-liked model cars, such a Ford, the biggest automobile crime class is sports cars!  Have a soft-prime convertible sports car, and the possibilities of it being stolen are red hot!  Therefore, even if you reside out within the countryside with no one else around for miles, you may still be seen as driving an very high risk car when it involves automotive theft.  With increased risk, comes an increased premium!




Insurance corporations are not charities – they’re within the business to create money.  As such, they keep vast amounts of information and part of that information tells them that if you drive a sports car there is an increased risk you’ll be in an accident and {that the} accident can be a lot of serious (and costly) than if you were driving a daily car.  As such, the premium charge is going to be higher.


Under 30?


Unless you have got just won the Lottery, if you are below 30 there are no appealing factors when it involves insuring a sports car.  Not solely do the insurance company see the automobile you drive as being a high risk automotive to insure, however you as the driver are so much additional risky to insure as well.  Consequently, car insurance premiums for those thirty years old or below, driving sports cars, is most likely the highest of all sorts of automobile insurance obtainable within the UK today.

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