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Looking For The Best Iphone Insurance?

It should probably be said immediately that the question of what is the best iphone insurance just couldn’t be answered in isolation.

Yes, it’s perhaps tempting to say that the lowest cost insurance protection is, by definition, the best but that would be missing a significant number of factors.

The cover

Not all policies will necessarily offer similar cover. Insurance companies tend to interpret risk differently and this is reflected partly in their prices, but also in the things they typically agree to pay for.

Check that your insurance policy provides protection whilst you are outside of the UK, as not all providers offer this.

Some insurance may cover accidents but exclude incidents that involve liquids. Others could include insurance against damage caused by liquids.

Then there can usually be breakdown protection even breakdown outside of the manufacturer’s warranty period – and not the roadside sort!

Any gadget could be at risk of failing and this includes your phone. If it happens after the manufacturer’s warranty has expired, then be prepared for some potentially serious costs – unless your particular iphone insurance cover happens to cover it.

The point here is hopefully clear. The best iphone insurance cover for you may depend upon a large number of factors including what cover you’re getting for your money.

The price alone isn’t always the best guide.

What the policy doesn’t do

As well as thinking about the insurance policy and what your policy may do for you, it might also be a sensible idea to take into account what it clearly states that it won’t do for you.

Just the same as with the majority of insurance polices, iphone insurance has terms and conditions. With the latter, these statements are typically important in helping you understand the reality of your iphone protection. These often relate to your obligation to play a role in protecting your phone.

Things that are worth looking for here typically


  • the conditions surrounding theft protection (e.g. typically the phone must not be left unattended);
  • full replacement or market value;
  • if you get a fast replacement if your claim is succesful;
  • excess conditions (an excess is the amount that you typically need to pay in making a successful claim).

Your evaluation

When all is said and done, the best iphone insurance is probably that which most closely matches your requirements in all these various areas.

Therefore, you’re probably the only person that can generally decide what is going to be suitable for you.

As a result, being a little sceptical of advertisements that claim to have identified the best iphone insurance may be a smart move!

Reasons To Buy IPhone Cover Insurance

The main features of iPhone insurance can perhaps best be thought of as falling into three main categories:

* providing insurance for things that can happen to your iPhone, like theft and damage etc;
* additional services that come as part of the gadget insurance package;
* terms and conditions that can apply to the cover on offer.

Cover provided

Any small electronic gadget may be at risk.

* This risk may be increased if the gadget is also a bit of a style icon that many people will covet even if they do not necessarily want to buy their own.  Insurance for an iPhone may typically be able to offer cover if your iPhone is stolen. This may or may not include times when you have left your iPhone unattended but securely locked away in a vehicle or premises.
* It may be all too easy to scratch your iPhone.  For example, small gadgets may slip through fingers onto hard surfaces. Left in pockets or bags they could very easily be stood on.  They may be at risk of being damaged by water.
* Although hopefully not a common occurrence, your iPhone can break down. The insurance policy may provide insurance if your phone breaks down once the warranty on your phone has ceased.

Added services

* Some insurance protection for iPhones may offer protection both in the UK and abroad, which could be an invaluable feature if you are a regular traveller.
* Your iPhone insurance may typically offer data storage facilities of up to 3GB to keep your contacts data, photos etc secure and retrievable in the event that your phone is damaged or stolen.
* If your iPhone is stolen then you could be liable for the costs of calls made between the theft and your service provider blocking your phone.  Some insurance for iPhones may offer reimbursement of these charges.
* In the event that you do have to make a claim on your insurance, with some providers a replacement may be guaranteed within 48 hours of the claim being approved.

Terms and conditions

As with any insurance product, terms and conditions, exclusions and limitations will apply and you may wish to read these carefully to ensure you understand them.

* If your phone is stolen you might be required to report its theft to the police within 24 hours and to obtain a police crime number.
* Damage cover may be restricted to accidental damage. Damage caused while trying to fit accessories or tampering with your iPhone may generally not be covered.
* if your phone was not locked away safely and it is stolen you may not be able to make a claim.

Living without your iPhone may not be something that you want to contemplate.  If you have iPhone cover insurance, you may not have to.