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Travel Tips; A Checklist From The Outdoor Consultants At DLK

If you’re planning a road trip, a little pre-planning goes a protracted way toward making your journey pleasant and safe. Before you head out touring, take the time to travel through this travel checklist to be sure you’ve covered all the bases.




A. Automotive Safety Checklist




– Check the fluids




Check the oil, and prime up if necessary. Better nevertheless, have an oil modification if you’re traveling any long distances. When adding oil, invariably use the load recommended for your vehicle.




– Check all of your belts for wear, cracking or tears. Have any that show signs of wear replaced.




– Check the wiper blades. If it’s been a year or a lot of since they’ve been replaced, do it. Attempting to peer through smeared raindrops could be a recipe for disaster.




– Check your tires. Create sure that they’re inflated to suggested PSI, and {that the} tread isn’t dangerously worn.




B. Emergency Kit




Being prepared in an emergency can spell the distinction between inconvenience and tragedy. You’ll purchase a roadside emergency kit with most of these items in it then increase it, or put together one in all your own from scratch. In either case, keep all the things along and simply accessible thus that you simply’ll be able to get to them if you would like them.




– A flashlight could be a must – most specialists suggest two. Do yourself a favor and opt for the best LED flashlight you can find. LED lights have a tendency to be far more durable and will take being knocked around in the boot of your car. They draw less power from the battery, thus are less possible to run out of juice simply when you need them most. A handheld torch and a lantern are each good ideas. Tossing a pair of inexpensive LED penlight flashlights within the glove will prove handy for map reading and lighting the method to the john if needed.




– A initial aid kit is another must. A prepackaged one with bandages, gauze, tape, antibiotic, antiseptic and alternative basic initial aid requirements should be fine.




– Emergency roadside flares will save your life by making you simple to work out from a distance. Commonplace roadside flares can fail to figure if they’re damp, and will be dangerous. A variety of firms create LED safety lights and roadside LED safety flares that can mark your position on the move shoulder, or serve as an emergency beacon if you’re lost.




– A multi-tool or utility knife will come back in handy. A fixed blade hunting knife and pocket knife will provide you all the cutting edges you need for many emergency situations.




– Aerosol tire sealant can get you to the next service station in the event of a tire puncture.




– A blanket to conclude in if want be.




– Jumper cables




– Bottled water




– An additional gallon of engine coolant. Whereas you’re at it, tuck away an extra quart of oil and a pint of transmission fluid.




C. Initial Aid Kit




– Acetaminophen, ibuprofen, and aspirin tablets




– Antihistamine




– Anti-nausea/motion sickness medication




– band-aids and gauze




D. Health and Comfort




– Pack a cooler of healthy snacks, juices and water and keep it stocked.

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