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Less common events that phone insurance may cover

Not all phone insurance policies are the same. Both the premiums and the level of cover provided vary from provider to provider, and one thing that you will probably want to do is get the most suitable level of cover for the most cost-effective price.

When you first look into purchasing insurance for your phone, there are normally three main things that you might want to protect it from:

  • theft;
  • accidental damage;
  • breakdown outside of the manufacturer’s warranty period.

These may potentially pose the biggest threats to your phone, especially if it is an expensive model, and most insurance policies will cover them to some extent.

However, some mobile phone insurance policies may often provide you with extra cover for events that you may not even have considered.

One of these is unauthorised calls. If someone steals your phone and makes calls then this can cost you money on top of having to replace your phone, so if you get that particular element of protection then you can at least be assured that you won’t have any extra fees to pay.

Loss of mobile phones is another event that can sometimes be covered. Even the most careful owner can suffer from losing their phone at some point, and some insurance policies offer this as an added option for an extra fee.

Where you use your phone may also be important. If you travel abroad on holiday and want to take your phone with you then you may probably want it to be covered. Some insurance companies provide cover for trips abroad so this might be an important consideration.

On top of that, one thing that you may be concerned about is how quickly your phone can be replaced if it is lost or stolen. Insurance providers differ in how quickly they can get a replacement, so it is worth considering this if you do not want to be phone-less for too long.

Whichever mobile phone insurance you end up purchasing, it is normally a good idea to look at the full extent of the cover provided to ensure that you are covered for what you need. The price you pay is often a deciding factor, but with so much variation between policies it is often worth considering all the less-common events that are covered and deciding if these are important for you before you purchase a policy.