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When you might need an unoccupied property insurance quote

If your home, or a dwelling you have bought to let, is going to be vacant for longer than a short period of time, you may need to consider getting an unoccupied property insurance quote.


When any building is left standing empty, it is likely to be vulnerable to considerably more risks and perils than when it is occupied either by its owners or by tenants. For this reason, many insurers of both owner-occupied and tenanted premises significantly reduce the scope and level of cover – or even invalidate cover altogether – after the building has been unoccupied for a given period of time.


Although that given period of time may vary from one insurer to another, it might typically be as short as 30 days or one month.


If you seek an online quote, landlords insurance applications may or may not specifically refer to the need for special cover during those times when your let property is vacant. This may be because of the relatively frequency with which homes bought for let fall vacant – either through delays between one tenant leaving and a new one arriving or because the letting is undergoing redecoration, maintenance or refurbishment.

However, there may be equally numerous reasons for other types of residence to be unoccupied for similar periods of time (during which standard home building and contents insurance may be similarly affected).

You might wish to seek an unoccupied property insurance quote, for instance, if:

  • your job takes you out of the area and away from home for several months at a time;
  • your home is on the market to be sold and you have already moved into your new home;
  • the property is awaiting probate before a decision is made about its disposal;
  • the builders are in for major refurbishment or re-modelling; or
  • the property is a second or holiday home, left empty for more than a month at a time.

Therefore, whether you live in the property you own, use it as a holiday or second home, or let it out to tenants, you may wish to give serious consideration to seeking a specialist unoccupied property insurance quote.