The Australian Summer and Trauma Insurance

The Australian landscape is the perfect place for summer fun and activities under the sun, whether it is hiking, swimming, or beach sunbathing. Australian families love the summer. Although the sun is a source of vitamin E for our bodies, too much exposure is damaging, especially if there is no protection. The Australian Cancer Council web gives some statistics on the issue. In fact, most newly found cancers – 80 percent – are found to be skin cancers. Another alarming statistic is that two out of three Australians will contract cancer by age 70. Melanoma skin cancer affects mostly 15-40 year olds that contract the disease. Skin cancer risk is higher in Australia than America, Canada, or England. Acording to the site, 450 people die from non-related skin cancer each year and over one million consultations are done by Australians with their GP’s for skin cancer issues.Protection comes with prevention, but also in the way of doing everything you can to handle health and quality of life issues when sickness strikes. Protecting against sun damage is important; however, protecting yourself with trauma insurance and income protection is smart. Whether you have an outdoors occupation where you are constantly exposed to the sunrays, or a different type of hazardous job, knowing that you can count on a lump sum payment and that your wages are covered in the event that you need it, translates to peace of mind. Financial protection as well as prevention will help you achieve the quality of life you deserve and seek.When you are one of the breadwinners of the household and have a job in a hazardous industry, protecting yourself with income protection insurance translates into protection for the entire family when they will most need it. The loss of income in a household can dramatically affect the quality of life of the rest of the family members. The Australian Bureau of statistics shows that 86 per 1000 Australians employed in construction suffered an injury. This is a high number and no one can predict who will be injured next. If you become sick or injured, Worker’s Compensation will not be enough to cover your family’s income, your bills, and to be able to handle a business that requires full attention – it could be overwhelming and devastating. Having the protection you and your family deserve is of the essence.