The lowdown on taxi insurance

If you run your own taxi business or you supply a taxi service as part of an enterprise, getting the right taxi insurance which is at the right price, and which offers you adequate and suitable protection against unforeseen circumstances, is very important. As for people who drive in general, there is always a level of risk in driving which needs to be covered by comprehensive or third party insurance. However, there are more risks involved with a taxi service, and this is reflected in the taxi insurance options available to you.

The internet is the best place to compare different plans, and when you look for a taxi insurance quote online, there are a few primary differences between insurance plans that you need to be aware of.

The first important options to decide between are private hire cover and public hire cover. If you drive a taxi which only responds to private call outs, then you can gain a taxi insurance quote online for private hire cover. Alternatively if you pick up people hailing in the street, or you do both this and private call outs, then you will need public hire cover. Due to the increased risk involved with public hire cover, these plans will be more expensive.

Similarly to general vehicle insurance, there are fully comprehensive taxi insurance plans, and third party and third party fire and theft, with the first protecting both you and the other driver should you get into an accident, having the car stolen and so on, the second protecting the other driver if the accident is your fault, and the third protecting others due to fire or due to damage and injury resulting from someone stealing your car and getting involved in a crash. Fully comprehensive is the most expensive and provides the best cover. Public liability cover is important to protect you legally from customers who are present when accidents happen.

There will be many things that will gently affect the pricing of your plan. Your area of work, and the type of taxi you drive will have an impact on your premium.

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