The Two Types of Boat Insurance in the UK

In the UK it’s compulsory to be covered by boat insurance, as well as being able to display evidence of the fact that you are insured; most of the time this will also be the minimum requirement in order to obtain an Inland Waterways License. But the good thing is that you don’t have to worry about having full and comprehensive insurance because there is a liability only option too. However, going to your yacht insurers and taking out the minimum insurance is not recommended as you can be left with a hefty price to pay should you be involved in a major accident.

Liability Only

This is the minimal amount of cover you need in order to be considered qualified to take to the waters in your boat in the UK. Liability only insurance protects everybody else against any accidents which may incur, and be proven to be your fault. This means that you will be covered against damage to other vessels, property, and other people, which includes minor injuries all the way to loss of life.

Liability insurance will not protect yourself, your own vessel, or your own property against damage by a third party though. And this is why it’s highly recommended that you don’t just settle for the minimum amount of insurance cover.

Comprehensive Boat Insurance

Most yacht insurers will always suggest taking out full and comprehensive insurance in order to protect yourself and your property against any damage sustained as a result of the actions of a third party.

• The industry standard of cover for damaging another individual’s property, self, or vessel, is set at £2 million. Comprehensive insurance will usually include this as standard.

• Fires can and do happen with boats, even while at sea, so protection against damage by fire is also included in comprehensive insurance.

• Boating thefts are becoming more and more common these days, and this is another reason why taking out comprehensive insurance is necessary because boats are expensive to replace.

• Accidental damage is also covered, as long as it’s not due to your own negligence. provides quotes from reputable yacht insurers.