What to ask about insurance for a salon

As more and more salons extend beyond just hairdressing to providing nail and beauty services, insurance has become even more relevant. Insurance for a salon is as vital to the business as the skills of the hairdresser, the tools of the trade and the premises in which the business operates. It is essential therefore, that you ask and get an answer to the main questions about of salon insurance. Here are some key questions that any hairdresser with their own salon should ask when it comes to insurance.

What happens if a customer is hurt on my premises?

Public liability is standard cover included in insurance for a salon. Public liability covers anyone injured or hurt on your premises. The level of cover is variable and you can generally choose from £1, 2, 3 or 5 million. What however, public liability insurance does not cover is injury sustained through treatment. For this, Treatment Risks cover is required and this can be added to your salon insurance policy. Treatment Risks generally covers you and your employees for up to £1 million per incident.

What happens when I can’t open the salon?

Obviously when the salon isn’t open you are losing money. It might be because of a flood or other natural disaster, equipment breakdown, power cuts, property damage or even community issues such as riots. There is insurance available for business interruption/interference which applies when the salon closure will result in a loss of profit. The level of cover and terms under which is payable will vary amongst insurance providers so these will need to be checked.

What about accidental damage?

If you get an insurance policy based on ‘all risks’, losses through accidental damage should be covered as well as damage that occurs through the usual perils covered like storm, flood, fire and theft.

Are my employees covered by my salon insurance?

Anyone who employees people in the UK is required to have, by law, employee liability insurance. This will provide cover, usually up to 10 million, for claims made against you as the salon owner by employees hurt in the course of business.

Above all, ask any question and make sure it is answered before you choose your salon insurance.

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