What’s included in the cheapest landlord insurance quote?

If you are searching for the cheapest landlord insurance quote, you may be concerned whether the cover provided is sufficient for your needs. If that is a worry, therefore, you might wish to consider some of the following observations:

  • cheap is a relative term – what might appear to be the cheapest landlord insurance quote for you might be less so for someone else;
  • much depends, of course, on what you need the insurance to cover and the circumstances surrounding your particular ability to pay the necessary premiums;
  • if price is a factor influencing your choice of insurance provider, therefore, you may wish to pay special intention to exactly what landlord cover you need;
  • in other words, you may wish to avoid certain policies that include in their standard provisions cover which you do not, or are unlikely to, need – otherwise you may end up paying more than may be needed for unnecessary aspects of cover;
  • for example, you may want to ensure that your buy to let property is adequately protected against the major perils of fire and smoke damage, flooding, impacts from vehicles or falling debris, storm damage and vandalism, but is there any risk of subsidence affecting the building?
  • not all let property insurance (or owner-occupied home buildings insurance for that matter) automatically include cover against such a risk;
  • whilst paring down the cover you need to the barest essentials might be a way of making some savings, you might want to make sure that you do not overlook other items that might prove critically useful;
  • by way of example, there may be times when your property inevitably remains vacant (between change-overs of tenancy, say), when special provision may need to be made for the continuation of adequate cover. In that case, you may wish to seek out a separate unoccupied property insurance quote;
  • although a useful way of finding the cheapest landlord insurance quote might be to exclude all those items of cover which no not apply in your particular circumstances, therefore, you may still wish to ensure that adequate landlords cover on your property is maintained at all times.