Where To Get Low Income Medical Insurance



Looking for low income medical insurance? You’re not alone. Greater than 46 million Americans are uninsured and face an economic catastrophe should they experience a major illness. Here’s where to get low income health care insurance so you can ensure you and your family are safe.


Government-Funded Health Care Programs


State and Federal governments have a number of health care programs created for low income individuals and families. Included in this are:


*Medicaid – A federal program providing you with comprehensive medical health insurance to low income individuals and families.


* Risky pools – Offered in more than 30 states, these programs provide medical care for people who have been denied private health insurance or are paying exorbitant premiums for medical health insurance.


* S-CHIP – Circumstances and federal program providing you with health insurance to children whose families don’t qualify for Medicaid.


To find out more about Medicaid, look at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services at: cms.hhs.gov. For more information on state-sponsored medical insurance programs programs, see your state’s department of insurance website.


Private Health Care Plans


Private low-income medical plans range from the following;


* Managed health care plans, which cover your medical professional bills, hospital fees, and prescription drugs. These plans assign you to definitely a group of doctors and hospitals. They’re the most affordable comprehensive health care plans.


* Fee-for-service plans, which also cover your physician bills, hospital fees, and prescription drugs. With these plans it is possible to choose your own personal doctor, but they’re a lot more expensive than managed health care insurance options.


*Catastrophic health insurance, which provides coverage for your hospital and doctor bills for catastrophic illnesses only – cancer, cardiac arrest, and other serious illnesses.


* Short-term major medical insurance, which provides the same coverage as major health care insurance, but for a small period of time.


*Dental and vision insurance, which will pay for dental fees and vision care costs.


* Specialized medical insurance programs, which restrict your coverage to certain types of illnesses, accidents, or amounts of coverages.


Where to Get Private Low Income Health care insurance


The best place to get cheap private low income medical insurance is at an insurance comparison website to compare insurance costs and pick the cheapest one (see below).

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