Why Trades People Need Public liability insurance Cover

Insuring a business is not optional or dependent on the company type, its size or the annual financial turnover; all UK businesses and trades people need to have adequate Public liability insurance cover.

Trades peoples’ policies offer additional comprehensive cover for events that are inapplicable in most business sectors whilst offering a standard safety net against claims against the company.

It is much more likely that a trades person will at some point have a claim brought against them, especially if suppliers, customers or sub-contractors visit their workplace. It would be so easy for a visitor to slip on a wet floor or sustain injuries caused by a member of the team’s misuse of equipment.

Similarly, if work needs to be carried out work on premises belonging to a customer or a in a public place, there are literally dozens of potential risks which UK Public liability insurance will provide cover for. These obviously include personal harm to individuals but also any damage to their property and belongings.

Public liability insurance cover also looks after tools, equipment and supplies whilst they are your responsibility and are being transported. These items would not only be very expensive to replace if they were damaged or stolen but could also impact negatively on the trades person’s current contract or job.

The construction industry and its associated trades employ a huge percentage of the UK workforce and due to the type of work carried out; it isn’t surprising that a large number of accidents occur within this sector. It is important to note that not all accidents happen as a result of non-compliance with health and safety legislation or are caused by negligence. However, due to the very nature of the work and the inherent danger associated with the tools and materials used within the industry mean that incidents are simply more likely to occur.

As with all types of insurance, the precise public liability cover will vary between policies so it is vital to check exactly what is included in your policy and ensure that you purchase adequate cover.

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