Why Women Financial Professionals Need to Stay Fit

The financial industry, whether it be mortgages, insurance or investing requires a physical investment as well. This is especially important for women who often take on stress and daily work challenges with the extra competitive drive. While it may help a career, it may also compromise your health. When a financial professional’s health suffers, there is a loss of focus, poor decisions and the inability to perform in a fast-paced environment. That’s why it is essential for women who work in the financial sector to take time to stay fit. This requires a combination of diet, getting enough rest, and exercise. Here are some basic tips for financial specialists to stay in peak shape so they remain at the top of their game.

Morning Workouts Reduce Stress

Some evidence shows that morning workouts are a good way to alleviate a stressful workday before it starts. Waking up early without the clang of the alarm clock is part of this simple routine. A brief period of meditation settles the mind. Then a 15 minute, low-impact workout energizes the body and prepares any financial pro for a busy day. To suit up for your routine, Athleta offers high-performance workout gear for women from training and gym outfits to jogging gear. 

Yoga After Work

If you are not a morning person, there is still the after-work workout to stay fit. Many complain, however, that evening exercise energizes the body too much and leaves professionals too hyped up for bedtime, which can lead to sleep deprivation.  Consider instead yoga in the evenings to limber up, reduce stress and maximize personal performance without charging your batteries too much before bedtime. Check out the Athleta yoga wear selection for the perfect fit for staying fit.

The Weekend Fitness Excursion

If a regular routine doesn’t fit your schedule, there is always the weekend for a high-octane fitness excursion. Save up all your energy for a long hike in the woods, or a cross-country ski workout that burns calories, builds muscle and melts workplace stress. Find a selection of cold weather training gear and hiking outfits to fit your weekend workout.

Whatever your workout choice, as a financial professional staying fit is essential for your career and your health. Find savings on all your workout apparel with this money-saving coupon from Athleta.